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When hosting events, the campus can sometimes see prospective students, their friends and family visit the university as an event attendee. This provides a fantastic opportunity to generate interest and indirectly sell the facilities and the culture of the university.

So, how can you ensure that they have the best possible experience?

It's important that the prospective students, their friends, and family members or any other influencer not only experience a great event but also have access to wider university information. This is why collaborating with other departments is highly beneficial.

The university conferencing team specialise in the delivery of successful events. From the initial enquiry right through to the signed contract, the team understands what it takes to ensure campus visitors have an enjoyable and positive customer experience. Other university departments specialise in different areas. For example, the marketing and admissions team understand what grabs the attention of those attending the university and how best to leverage your brand and messaging. The student team understands the students! They know the best methods to communicate with them, the challenges they face, what they enjoy and the trends or crazes happening. Combine all of these skills between departments and you've got an impressive breadth of knowledge!

This range of expertise provides a real opportunity to generate interest to the event delegates and could even attribute towards a greater enrolment pipeline. Referral marketing is the strongest kind so this really is a fantastic opportunity to go the extra mile!

Lee Rawlinson, Director of Innovation at Kinetic, previously worked as Head of Accommodation at the University of Liverpool. He says: “Working as “one university” has significant benefits that can sometimes get overlooked by senior management. Sharing great ideas between teams allows tasks to be simplified and frees up more time being spent in the right area – customer service! Another benefit is the huge impact that this has on student enrolment, visibility of the campus, academic research partnerships, to name a few.”

The importance of the relationship between the student and commercial teams should not be understated. There is a real opportunity for them to influence and encourage prospects and their close friends or family to attend the university, and overall, generate a greater enrolment pipeline.

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