Be a unicorn in a herd of horses! Stand out of the crowd

The increasing number of higher education institutions offering academic qualifications means that filling places on a course or major is competitive. Universities are now competing more than ever before, so establishing a high rank position in the market is vital. But is it only the official rank that matters?

The sector has changed from students once competing for a limited number of spaces to universities now battling to enrol as many students as possible.

So how do you become a unicorn in a herd of horses? What makes your university different? Why should a prospective student choose your campus?


We surveyed 500 event professionals and graduates and found that 25% said they chose their university due to the location and attractions nearby. Although the location of a university is not something you have control over, you can still advertise the history, uniqueness and nearby attractions.

Reputation & Ranking

In our survey to over 500 university and event professionals, we found that 39% chose their university because of the reputation. Due to the high competition within the education sector, having a positive reputation is vital as it allows the university to focus on its unique selling points and strengths. 

The Culture

Giving everyone equal opportunities and being fair is the key to making each person feel accepted. It’s important to promote a positive and diverse culture to ensure that the prospective student feels welcome and is keen to come back.

Quality of Living

Universities are investing a lot of their income to provide the best possible facilities, so the competition is high. An attractive bedroom, kitchen and living area could be the one factor that encourages a student to attend one university and not another. 

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