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Technology is part of our everyday lives and there’s no escaping it! It has changed the way we communicate, deliver information and educate ourselves, to name but a few. It has truly revolutionised our world.

Technology is one of the key factors of change within the events industry and the reason it has become so competitive. With new trends and innovations invading the industry, the huge evolution comes as no surprise. So how can technology be used to deliver outstanding events?


The demand for free Wi-Fi at events has increased significantly over the years.  Not only is a robust and reliable connection essential for the smooth running of your day, but it's also required by delegates who require access to email, social media, and internet. However, by 2020, it is expected that 5G will have globally launched, meaning faster speeds and a stronger connection than ever before.

On Mobile

Event professionals rarely get the opportunity to sit at their desk so having information accessible on mobile is vital. From quick check-ins to viewing key event details, having the information on mobile will increase the teams productivity, allowing them to spend more time with the customers. 

The AV Team

Delivering events in the 21st century comes with a wide range of the latest AV technology. Audio and visuals are used to create a buzz, to deliver necessary information, engage delegates and even understand the success of an event. In the competitive higher education sector, it's important to utilise the AV department and stay up to date with the latest AV trends. 

Technology has transformed and influenced not only the events industry but our daily lifestyles. As Godfrey Reggio said: “It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”

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