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Do you need some mental support during the lockdown? During these unprecedented times, it’s understandable for many to struggle and feel overwhelmed. Being stuck at home 24/7 is different and takes some time to adapt to.

We asked the team at Kinetic for some resources on ways to cope whilst at home.

Here's the list of 15!

1) Mental health and wellbeing on NHS website

NHS explain what mindfulness is, how it can help mental wellbeing and how to be more mindful.

2) Blurt it out

Blurt focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of depression and offer many useful resources.

3) Coronavirus and your wellbeing on mind.org

Mind have shared advice for staying at home, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing and support for work, benefits and housing.

4) NHS’s Every Mind Matters

NHS shares tips and advice on things you can do now to help you keep on top of your mental wellbeing and cope with how you may feel whilst staying at home.

5) Mindfulness resources from Calm

Daily challenges to deepen your mindfulness practice and learn more about yourself.

6) Colouring in

Colouring is a great way to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. We've created our very own colouring in image for you to download!

7) What to do if you’re anxious about coronavirus

If the current news on coronavirus (COVID-19) is making you feel anxious, concerned or stressed, young minds have created a page with some things you can do.

8) Start a daily routine

It can feel daunting to think about the weeks ahead. But many people have not only lived but thrived in similar circumstances. A polar scientist, a monk, a solo sailor and more offer tips.

9) Stay in contact with friends

There are many platforms out there allowing you to video chat your friends and family, such as Zoom or HouseParty,  Remember, you’re never alone, and you can always reach out to your work colleagues or even the Kinetic team if you need a chat.

10) Check out our COVID-19 resource hub for support

We’ve shared webinars, blogs, customer success and other relevant resources that will support you during these challenging times.

11) Enjoy more time with family!

Spending more time with family may be somewhat overwhelming but try and cherish all these extra moments with your family and make special memories.

12) A 5-minute video to watch on how to cope with anxiety and self-isolation

The coronavirus pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety, particularly people with existing mental health problems, practitioners and campaigners have said. The behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings (@TVpsychologist) has been talking through how to cope with these feelings and offering advice to those who have a fear of isolation

13) Stay active!

It’s tempting to stay in and do nothing, but exercise has an incredible effect on the mind.

Check out our "Top 15 during quarantine | ways to keep active" blog.

14) Sleep!

A lot of people have been struggling to get to sleep since the lockdown started, with a hashtag “Can’tSleep” trending.

The BBC have revealed some great tips on how to get to sleep

15) In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity

This is the perfect time to focus on yourself. Explore new hobbies and find out what makes you happy! It could be booking, walking or painting. But you won’t know unless you try!

And remember, we’re all in this together!

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