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Does your IT team spend hours on resolving issues associated with your IT infrastructure? If your system goes down, is there a plan in place to ensure data is backed-up? Has your organisation ever been a victim of data threats or vulnerabilities? Is your license up to date to prevent hackers from accessing your data?

If you can relate to any of these issues, then perhaps it's time to consider a hosting solution. Using a hosted service gives your IT team the capacity to focus on core business initiatives and improvements instead of maintaining your IT infrastructure. Using a hosted service offers many other benefits that will support your organisation and help you grow.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:

Less hassle

Being responsible for and maintaining your IT infrastructure is time-consuming and not always enjoyable. The IT-related headaches may cause more problems and take focus away from core business objectives. However, when you use a hosted service, you not only have a hassle-free operation but also a fully serviced and maintained solution. This means that your system will always stay up-to-date as it will be automatically upgraded to the latest version. No downtime, no additional costs involved! If you were to experience any issues, the support team would be able to provide you with quicker resolution due to easier access to the backend of your system.


If your systems go down, you will lose valuable time and potential revenue. The impact of this will not only affect your day-to-day work but could even postpone the operations of your organisation. By using a hosted solution, if a problem were to occur, there is an automatic fail-over to new hardware, enabling recovery in just a few minutes. Having a managed service enables proactive detection of vulnerabilities and irregularities to ensure nothing impacts the productivity of your organisation. Disaster recovery will be made easy for you.

Your data is secure

Handing sensitive business data to another party can be a concern for many organisations that haven’t previously used a hosted service. Many people believe that this type of environment is less secure than on-premise. However, data centres are far more secure than most on-premises deployments. Data centres use the latest security systems, ensuring that customer data is protected from physical and online threats and providing the highest level of protection. In addition to a secure location, hosted services provide automatic backups, meaning there’s no need to worry about your data being lost or out of date.

Not to mention the cost savings

There are many associated savings when it comes to using a hosted solution. Firstly, it eliminates the requirement of hardware such as servers, as well as associated costs of keeping the hardware up-to-date, space and maintenance required (such as electricity, insurance, etc.). Instead, the hosting provider offers reliable server technology. This also saves time by not having to maintain the infrastructure. 

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