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When you go on holiday and reach the hotel bedroom door, you feel a sense of excitement! Your room for the week is right there. You’ve spent hours flicking through the reviews and photos, and you’re finally here! It’s been a long day, and you can’t wait to melt into the sumptuous bed, with gently fragranced pillows and soft lighting. 

You open the door... WOW!  

Not a good “WOW!” A musky and damp smell greets you, leaving you feeling slightly queasy! You make your way through the corridor, noticing yellow stains all up the wall. The bedside cabinet is piled with dust and you can barely even see yourself in the dirty mirror. What a terrible start to your holiday! 

The reason you feel so disappointed is because of a false promise. If you had paid £20 for the room and the reviews weren't exactly positive, would you still feel disappointed? Probably not! If you advertise your bedrooms at the appropriate rate and the photos and description are honest, there is always going to be someone suitable for that room type. It may be an international traveler looking for low-budget accommodation or perhaps a family visiting friends, looking for accommodation nearby. Your accommodation will be the perfect choice for someone.

Different people have different criteria and it’s important you advertise all available facilities and resources as part of your offering. Do you have free and easy parking? Is Wi-Fi available? How far is the train station? Including all this information will increase the chance of someone booking your accommodation, as they will have a clear understanding of what to expect.

People are willing to pay for what they get. Some may want to splash the cash and stay in a 5* hotel. Others are simply looking for a comfortable bed. Therefore, showcasing your bedrooms in the most honest light will always attract and be suitable for someone.

There are simple ways that will improve the rating of your accommodation and ultimately, increase the customer service you deliver. 

1) Colour scheme 

The colour scheme of a bedroom can create the mood and atmosphere.  Every colour has a psychological value that can influence the way you feel and can trigger emotions from tranquility to rage. This is why choosing the colour scheme for your accommodation is important. Click here to find out the colour meanings and how it effects your mood.

2) Mindful space 

Bear in mind that many of your guests may be traveling for business. Having a mindful space invites focused activity and quiet time to reflect. A comfortable armchair and desk in the corner of the room will enable them to check emails, catch up with family or simply take some time out to relax. 

3) The bed 

The reason your guests are in this room is they need sleep! Therefore, the bed should be the focal point for when they enter the room. Positioning the bed centrally in the space and work symmetrically around it will mean it’s the main focus. Adding throw pillows and blankets will protect the duvet and provide additional warmth and comfort. 

4) Lighting 

Lighting can often be overlooked but is one of the most important factors in styling the perfect hotel-style bedroom. After all it can create mood and atmosphere. For example, a low-level reading light next to the bed offers practicality, whilst a brighter light can be used on a dressing table for hair and make-up application. 

5) Additional gestures 

Go the extra mile to ensure your guests are impressed! A standard additional gesture would be providing tea and coffee making facilities, an ironing board and hair dryer. Try thinking outside the box... Here’s a few of our suggestions! 

- Pillow sprays – these can also induce a better night sleep

- Slippers – make the room feel like home 

- Plants or photo – more décor shows more effort! 

- Rugs – improve comfort and warmth 

- Mirrors either side of bed – will make the room feel bigger 

Don’t forget – general cleanliness of the room plays the biggest part to an attractive bedroom. Having your housekeeping team complete inspections on mobile will save time, allowing them to focus on deep cleaning the room to a high-quality standard.


For other tips and tricks that will ensure you deliver the best possible customer experience, why not check out our free guide?