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The science is clear: we need to halve our emissions by 2030 to deliver a zero-carbon world in time.


To meet this goal, every business, no matter their size or industry, has a role to play. We need all companies around the world to commit to a net-zero future.  

Our commitment

We have committed to cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030 and reach net zero emissions before 2050 and as a result, we have signed up to the SME Climate Commitment, joining like-minded businesses in the Race to Zero to protect our planet from the climate emergency. 

Yes, we’re a tiny cog in a huge wheel, but small to medium-sized enterprises account for a huge 90% of business worldwide and affect the livelihoods of over 2 billion people — having a pivotal influence on governments around the world. As governments set the agenda for the year ahead, small businesses must show their value of climate action. 


We have started by understanding our current carbon footprint, and the impact of our wider supply chain and are already taking action.

“We are replacing our florescent lighting in our Ludlow office with LED panels, halving energy consumption.  This has a payback of only a few years.  Moving to net zero is not just about moving to renewable sources, it is also about reducing consumption to provide capacity in the national infrastructure for new technologies such as electric vehicles” says David Wilkes, Chief Transformation Officer for Kinetic

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Our customers 

Looking at the supply chain, many of our customers are universities. Universities UK has announced ahead of COP26 that 140 universities have backed a new set of commitments on climate action, including emission reduction targets and a pledge to champion the UN Sustainable Development Goals Accord.  


Universities are showing leadership from the top to make sure strategic, institutional actions are taken on sustainability. All UK universities have committed to setting targets for supply chain emission reductions and other environmental targets beyond emissions, or commit to a programme of work to set targets as soon as possible.   

Reducing emissions in the supply chain 

Kinetic is proud to be helping our university customers reduce supply chain emissions by reducing both our own footprint and by aligning our technologies with partners who are like-minded.  For example, our customers who have moved their systems from on-premise to the cloud have already aligned themselves with a supply chain that is targeted to be carbon negative by 2030!  


Read about our commitment further, on the Tech UK Website.