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The contract has been signed! Your largest booking of the season... 300 kids running riot on your campus for a summer camp. Nervous yet? 

Although large bookings bring the big bucks, they can also bring the most complexity, not just for you but for the event organiser of the group. But with a little preparation, you can ensure that large groups are managed efficiently, and you continue delivering outstanding events!  

Here’s some top tips to help your team run a smooth operation for a large group.

1)  A smooth check-in processes 

If 300 people turn up to your venue at the same time, you will want to make sure the check-in process is quick and simple. No one wants to be standing in a queue for half an hour, waiting for a lanyard! Rather than trails of paperwork, consider making the check-in process digital, even better – on your mobile! That way, all you require is their name and TA-DA, they’re ready to go! 

2) Collating attendee information  

Lunchtime has arrived! You have 300 rumbling tummies waiting for your catering team to serve up. Are you aware that Paul is vegetarian? Did you know that Mary is allergic to nuts? You’ve got 15 people complaining they don’t like chicken! 

Collating this information during the pre-event registration process will not improve the food delivery service but will also mean you have a better understanding on who your attendees are.  

3) Plan for the unexpected  

Things happen that you don’t expect to happen. People get ill. The power decides to cut off. Equipment delivery fails to turn up. The more people attending the event, the greater the risk of something happening. With a plan and solution in place, even if something did occur, you’re prepared to resolve as quickly and efficiently as you can.  

A contingency plan is designed to take account of a possible future circumstance and minimise the impact to ensure the event continues running as normal. You should identify all possible scenarios and consider how you would react and respond to prevent further distractions.  

4) Communication is key 

Ensuring your guests are prepared for the event prior to their arrival will save your team a lot of time and improve customer experience. Little things like sending out the wi-fi details or maps will give them time to prepare for their journey.  Ensuring you have clear signage on-site will ensure a swift start to the event, and late comers won’t have any excuses!  

Seeing hundreds of people turn up to your venue may be overwhelming, but with some preparation and planning, we know you’ll ace the event! 


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