Kinetic Parcel Tracker partnership image

When we say we understand your business, we mean it!

Therefore, we’re delighted to announce our brand-new partnership to deliver the best-in-class parcel management solution - Parcel Tracker.

We are really excited by how this partnership will allow us to bring you a best-in-class solution, to manage all your parcels effectively and efficiently in a simple easy-to-use app, saving you time, and money as well as improving user experience.

How does it work?

Parcel Tracker reduces the resource your mailroom uses, no more entering parcel details when they arrive, you simply scan them with Parcel Tracker’s intuitive app using any mobile device.  Parcel Tracker is cleverly integrated with the student information held in your Kinetic products; KxStudent or Room Service.

Once you have scanned a parcel in, the system will email the parcels addressee to let them know their parcel has arrived, giving them a QR code for collection.   When they collect, you can simply scan their QR code, locate the parcel, enable an electronic signature in the app and scan the parcel out.

Check it out for yourself – we’ve created a short video to show it in action.

Here's what our VP of R&D Adam Calladine and Parcel Tracker Co-Founder Arthur Zargaryan had to say about this brand-new exciting partnership...

Adam Calladine-2021

Adam Calladine

VP of R&D at Kinetic

“For our customers the partnership brings some great opportunities, firstly it builds on our existing platform, providing an awesome booking and in-house experience to students, secondly, it allows Kinetic to focus on our core strengths, by providing a seamless integration with the best point solution out there”

Arthur Z

Arthur Zargaryan

Co-Founder of Parcel Tracker

“We’re excited at Parcel Tracker to be partnering with an industry leader like Kinetic. The tight integration we’ve built between these two best-in-class systems will be a game changer”

To learn how this partnership can improve your existing parcel management solution, visit our dedicated webpage. Alternatively, you can contact one of the team directly here.