When organizing an event, one of the most important factors a conferencing department must keep track of is available space. So how can you make sure that your department is managing rooms and space availability in the best possible way?

How many times has someone phoned up your conferencing team to book a room and it took so long to find out whether there is availability that the prospect gave up half way through? Or perhaps you have booked a big room to hold a conference for 100 people to only find out on the day that the room has been double booked? You don’t need this stress, your team certainly don't… neither do your clients.

In higher education, the overview of room availability is even harder to manage as you might not only have dedicated conference spaces but also the classrooms that are occasionally used to host events. We all know that sometimes communication between the conferencing and academic departments isn’t always as smooth as you’d like. Imagine how great it would be if you could have a global overview of all available spaces only a click away. This is where the classroom booking and the event management systems come into their own.

As we live in growing, digitalized world, the importance of room booking systems will only rise. They are an important tool to increase team productivity, customer satisfaction and, importantly, profits! Integrating your booking and event systems will make them even more powerful.


Increased organization and coordination

As mentioned above, no conference team wants to experience double bookings. The integration between the event management and room booking systems will reduce manual work and as a result, the human errors and double bookings. It will work as a bridge between the classroom and event scheduling that will help you to coordinate and manage your resources more efficiently.


Maximized space utilization

With an accurate overview of the spaces available, your team will be able to manage the space utilization more efficiently. For your university, it means that your rooms are used at the right time for the right purpose. It will also provide additional income opportunities as you will know what empty spaces are available. This will help your team to gain more business opportunities and event bookings.


Increased customer and employee satisfaction

With a well-organized management system, your conferencing team will be able to give your customers and prospects the experience they deserve. For one, the software integration will reduce the response time as well as the booking time as you will have a global overview of the spaces across the whole campus. Secondly, every department will have a solution designed for them which, crucially, communicate to each other through an integration, so that once the schedule has been updated, both your conferencing and academic teams will know about it. Find out more about the benefits of having a system specifically designed for individual departments.


Improved security

With an integration between your room booking and event management software, you won’t need to worry about losing your data. Everything will be transferred through one stream so your records can stay secure and up-to-date.

As you can see, the an integration between your classroom booking and event management software are the way forward to elevate your processes and productivity to the next level. It will benefit both your conferencing and academic teams, improve the internal communication, increase the space utilization and profits.


How does this work with your Kinetic products?

With a customizable approach, we’ll make sure that all your requirements are discussed in advance and interfaces delivered are tested before going live. You can choose which processes you would like to modernize and automate, and which you prefer to keep doing manually. You will be able to create simple reports to help you track any errors occurring, time spent on certain tasks and, more importantly, have an accurate overview of the spaces available.


Check below which academic scheduling and room booking integrations we have already successfully implemented for some of our other clients.

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