Student belongings

The world has changed significantly over the past few months and we’ve all had to adapt to meet the government requirements. For some people, the impact of COVID-19 was immediate, whilst for others, they were able to continue with their day-to-day lives in a fairly “normal” way.

However, no one will be able to argue that the higher education sector has gone through a roller coaster of changes, from students having to leave the campuses and managing this unprecedented process, through to students then coming back to campus to collect their belongings, and not to mention learning and understanding when the academic year can officially begin.

At Kinetic, we also had to adapt to the sector changes. So, we amended our plans and priorities in order to give our customers the best support possible during this challenging time. Starting with creating a bespoke application to manage the early mass departure of students, through to creating tips on how to manage NHS staff allocation, to now managing the collection of student belongings and much more.

With the UK government recently issuing guidance on the principles of students returning to their accommodation in order to collect their personal belongings, we have developed a secure cloud-based booking system to ensure that our customers can safely provide dedicated student collection slots in line with visitor safety guidelines. The process is quick to deploy, doesn’t require installing software and full configuration, testing and support are provided. We are offering this solution completely free of charge to support our amazing Kinetic community. To find out more, please contact your Account Manager.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team for making all these changes happen. And, of course, we want to thank our great customers for their patience and support for the whole community. We’re excited about the future as we have so much more planned, even in this uncertain time!