blog post - new ceo

Kinetic's goal is to deliver the best services and products to our customers, and of course, be the industry leader in everything we do! To accomplish this, Kinetic needed a leader who empowers the company to strive for excellence. And this is exactly what Rob Turner has done for the past 4 years!


And Rob's journey has been truly remarkable and inspiring...

Rob T_UC
  • 2009

    Rob joins Kinetic as a computer science intern from the University of Kent and went on to become a developer with a secret dream of running Kinetic one day...

  • 2012

    His first promotion to Student Online Services Manager.

  • 2014

    Rob moves to the Programme Delivery Manager role.

  • 2015

    Rob then joins the Senior Management team as Technical Director.

  • 2016

    7 years after joining Kinetic, Rob becomes Managing Director, and then Chief Executive Officer following the acquisition of Occam in 2018.

  • 2020

    Rob takes on the role of CEO for Kinetic Group, focussing full-time on helping its subsidiaries and growing the group through innovation and acquisition.

Rob's achievements have been truly life-changing for Kinetic!

Over the past 4 years, Kinetic has made 4 acquisitions, which has led to the creation of the Kinetic Group - an umbrella brand for the acquired businesses. As the result of this expansion, the time has come for Rob to embark on the next part of his journey as Group CEO with a full-time focus on helping Kinetic Group businesses to achieve their full potential, whilst continuing to grow the Kinetic Group through innovation and further acquisition.

The full-time Kinetic Group focus for Rob has created the opportunity for a familiar face to lead Kinetic into the future...

Therefore, we would like to introduce our new CEO – Luke Warren.

Luke joined the Kinetic team back in 2017 as Head of Sales, later overseeing both the Sales and Marketing department. Two years later, he became Chief Sales Officer and most recently, Chief Commercial Officer.

Many of you have already had the pleasure of meeting Luke, either at your account meetings, our Kinetic Conference or other industry events and will confirm that our Kinetic Community is at the very heart of what drives Luke forward.


"Luke’s ability to listen empathetically, set challenging objectives and continuously return results whilst taking the entire team and Kinetic community on the journey, demonstrates he’s the perfect person to lead Kinetic Software and we’re all very excited for this new chapter!" - Rob Turner, Kinetic Group CEO


"It is a privilege to represent Kinetic Software as the new CEO. Four years ago, I made the decision to join Kinetic because of the business's desire to make a difference. It's this desire to do better tomorrow than we did today that fills me with excitement for our future.
Covid-19 has challenged events and student accommodation teams to think differently and I find myself feeling proud of the way our community are responding. I believe we are stronger together and on behalf of the brilliant Kinetic team, we look forward to taking innovation and your success to a new level."

Would you like to find out who will be driving Kinetic's future alongside Luke? Our Team page will show you just some of the faces behind Kinetic.