KxProposals blog post

We’ve been overwhelmed with excitement since the government announced the news, which sees the latest easing of Covid-19 restrictions introduced. For the events industry, this is like a lovely fresh breeze after a very dry season. This means that venues can start opening their doors and welcoming small groups of delegates, or at least show them their facilities in time for the full reopening.


Although this is amazing news for the whole industry, social distancing restrictions are still in place and people are still very conscious of where they are going and whether that trip is an absolute necessity. Good job we live in time of digitalisation! With these things in mind, why not explore a better digital representation of your venue?


Why this is a good option for you:

  • You can ensure the safety of your staff, as well as your guests.
  • Save time as guests won’t have to travel to your venue, and your staff won’t need to show them around.
  • Time is money, therefore this is another obvious benefit.
  • And, really importantly, you’ll be able to enhance your brand’s representation as professional, modern and innovative which always attracts new customers!


There are quite a few ways of showcasing your venue remotely.

1. 360 Tours.

You want to make a good impression from the first touchpoint with your prospects. A lot of venues have already incorporated this technology in their websites, even before the pandemic, but now is the time to explore this one even further. Even though these can be quite costly, they provide a great understanding of the venue and its surroundings. Take a look at the examples of Imago Venues and their great 360 Tours.


2. A great proposal. After making the first impression on your website and capturing their details wow your prospect with an amazing proposal. A personalised, professional and visually pleasant proposal goes a long way and always adds that extra sprinkle of magic on the customer experience. It’s a great representation of your brand and your venue. You can showcase your venue through a variety of embedded images. Another great thing is that you can track how your audience is interacting with your proposals, which doesn’t only give you an opportunity to improve them but also explore how you can engage with your prospect. In this difficult time, when you need to balance budget cuts with attracting more business, KxProposals is a good solution for you.


3. Power of videosand social media! We have seen some amazing examples from our customers where they have shown their venues in a casual but very personal way. This way of presenting your venue doesn’t only give your prospects an overview of your facilities but also adds a feeling of warmth, trust and welcoming atmosphere. Take a look at this friendly and welcoming video from Andrew Taylor from Warwick Conference. Doesn’t it just make you want to explore more?

We’re very excited about venues being able to reopen next week and wish our amazing customers good luck! As always, we’re here to support you every step of the way.