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Your to-do list is ever-growing... The days feel like they're getting shorter. The pressure is getting to you... But you’re not alone. A lot of people have experienced stress at some point in their life. Whether this be due to an increased workload, a change of lifestyle or personal issues, stress is more common than you may think.

In 2018, the Mental Health Foundation reported that 74% of people had felt so stressed they were overwhelmed and unable to cope. It’s important that you understand and learn how to deal with this feeling to ensure you have a positive stress-free life!

We’re here to support you through every step, but should you need some tips...

1) Eating & sleeping

Try to eat and sleep right – Easier said than done, right? How many times do you find yourself grazing off the catering carts or waking up at am with the day’s tasks swirling in your head? The key here is simple - try! Be an opportunist. When you can sit down to a nutritious meal, take the time for it. Reduce your caffeine intake towards the end of the day and try to avoid being on your mobile phone before bed.

2) Exercise

If you just can’t get back to sleep, exercise instead. Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block while you nurse the morning’s java. Exercise has an amazing effect on the brain. A short burst of endorphins goes a long way toward settling anxiety. Skip the golf cart shuttle and jog across the campus when you can.

3) Laugh

At the risk of sounding cliché, laughter is truly good medicine. There is often no better time than when things have gone terribly, horribly wrong to laugh it off.

4) Connect with others

Talk to another person when you are feeling stress. The simple act of sharing your disquiet will help dissipate its effect on you.

5) Music

 Music soothes the savage beast, especially the one running roughshod in your head while you are trying to do the ten things that need to be attended to immediately. Soft music, playing in the background can sometimes help center your thinking and allow you to concentrate on the tasks at hand in a more organized, less frantic state.

6) Keep things in perspective

 Is anyone going to be harmed by your error? In the case of serving up a peanut laced dessert to someone with a severe allergy the answer is yes, but most instances are not that dire. At the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world! Try and remember that when you are enduring an angry tirade. Apologise, move on and most importantly, don’t take it personally.

7) Take time out for yourself

 The last and most important bit of advice is also about taking care of you first. Event and conference management is hard work. Multi-tasking, wearing 10 hats during the event, being on your feet all day; if you are not in a good spot the task becomes even harder. You’d be surprised at what a simple act such as taking five minutes to walk to the local shop during the summer heat can do to get you back on track. Step away from the chaos for a brief moment when you can and refresh.

During the busiest time of year, it is important to keep on top of managing stress. This list can be a reminder of the simple things you can try every day to make sure the stress doesn’t manage to overwhelm you.


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