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New Courses

Programme Title
Cost £60 + VAT per person
Number of Included Courses 4 plus introduction
Additional Extras Free invited access to a quarterly hour long webinar to ask questions, discuss upcoming feature development and opportunity to share best practice with other users
Business Stream Student Web
Recommended for Anyone who is responsible for updating and managing the content of the student web pages
Key Content

- Introduction

- Editing page content, sql and emails

- Adding & editing preference routes

- Updating location content

- Managing additional settings

Additional Info All future updates to this programme inline with any system upgrades and new feature development will be at no additional cost

Courses planned in 2019


Web Editor Programme

This is a 4 course programme covering the key elements of the Web Editor for the student accommodation websites. Highlighting what the user is able to edit, amend and update and how. Purchase of this programme also will include access to a quarterly webinar to ask questions and discuss future requirements and feature development with Kx and other users.


Database Management Programme

This is a 7 course programme that includes an hour long webinar as part of it. It covers all the skills required to effectively manage the commercial database and identify duplications and incorrect data and how best to manage and clean this data. Focusing heavily on the KxMarketing application the other aspects to his programme include an overview of the Contact Management feature and Action maintenance to ensure that best practices are being implemented and that the data within Kx is as accurate and effective as it can be for reporting and analysis. Ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to keep your data as precise, clean, accurate and complete within the Kx Database will ensure you have accurate report results and actionable analysis data.

Student Allocations Programme

The Student Allocations Program guides users through the different methods of allocating students to bedrooms. Each course takes the user through a step by step guide in how to best utilise the allocating functionalists within KxStudent. By taking this program users gain knowledge in not only the benefits from utilising each method, but also knowledge in the best methods of practise. Once completed users will have obtained a full understanding of students allocations.


Marketing Reports Programme

This is a 6 course programme that identifies the key standard reports across all areas of reporting – Forecasting, Revenue, Analysis, Bookings and Companies. Reviewing the key reports within each category and detailing where the information comes from and how the results are generated. When you have a clear understanding of what a report is showing you and where it is getting the data from you are able to effectively use them in the correct way to benefit your business. Examples of best practice use and case studies are included to help deepen the level of understand of the complexities of the Marketing Reporting Suite. This programme also includes an onsite Workshop session within the cost.

Table Booking Programme

This is a 5 course programme that details the set up and use of our Table Bookings Feature within the KxConferencing application. Table Bookings allows you to sell seats at a table and also whole tables for a larger catered event. Therefore each booking is an individual without having to create an event for each one and guests can be separately billed both for deposits and final payments. Ideal for Christmas parties, Sunday Dinners, Murder Mystery Events etc. Individual wine and catering choices can be made and bookings allocated to specific tables such that the reports can be run to make management of these style of events easier. The cost for this programme also includes two webinar sessions, one during and one at the end.

Quick Reports Programme

This is a 4 course programme introducing the new Quick Report Tool that was added to the Kx2018 release. This tool allows you to create bespoke reports by dragging required fields across and applying filters. The results can be in printed or excel format and graphical representation is also available. This programme covers the basics on how to create a report and add fields and filters and also how to manipulate and analyse the results. This programme also includes a webinar session at the end to ask any specific reporting questions to help all users get the reports they need from the system.

Catering Programme

The KxCatering Program introduces users to the catering functionality within Kx. The program contains multiple courses, each representing fundamental aspects of the catering functionality within different Kx applications. Included within this program are courses to explain the catering configuration, Web Catering guide and more. Users taking the program are guided through the different areas of Kx that utilise the catering functionality and show how all the catering comes together under the one KxCatering application. By completing this program, users will have a full understanding of the setup, management and reporting side of all things catering. The benefits of utilising catering within Kx are highlighted and best methods of practice are covered in detail.


Wedding Business Prpgramme

This is a 3 course programme giving tips and tricks and best practice recommendations to handle Wedding Events within KxConferencing. Features such as UDFs, Additional Details, Default Timetables and Departmental Note reporting are all key and these are covered with examples and case studies to help you get the most out of Kx when helping to manage this most special day. This programme is ideal for a wedding or event co-ordinator that creates and delivers the wedding bookings.

KxParcels Programme

KxParcels is an add-on application enhancing the functionalities and experience of KxStudent. This program fully covers how to configure the product and how it’s used operationally. By taking this program, users will know the benefits KxParcels provides as well as gaining full confidence in all aspects of its use. The course guides users in how to configure and manage the application, as well as how to utilise all the operational functionalities. Users will also gain further knowledge of KxStudent and how it connects with KxParcels. We advise users to complete the KxStudent Basic Training Program before undertaking the KxParcels Program.

KxProposals Programme

The Proposals program guides users in how to best utilise the KxProposals website. As an ad-on website application to KxConferencing the program covers how the two applications connect and benefits gained from using KxProposals. Operational and managerial tasks and processes are covered in detail allowing users to expand their knowledge of KxConferencing and gain a full understanding in KxProposals. Users taking this program will be fully confident in setting up and use of KxProposals. We advise users to complete the KxConferencing Basic Training program before starting the KxParcels course.

KxB&B Adverts Programme

A 2 course programme outlining how to set up new adverts for use within KxB&B. The programme will include all related configuration, image and text upload tools, linking adverts to stock, rates and promotional codes as well as an overview of the steps and best practice recommendations. Ideal short programme to be a useful tool for any users that are responsible for maintaining KxB&B. This programme will be updated and added to as new features and development occurs in the future alongside the Development Roadmap.

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Kx Customer Brock University

“We have really enjoyed using the new training videos. They have really helped to refine our processes since they are often more specific in nature. Recently we had a moment of epiphany when we learned a small point from the video that we had missed in configuration. We have been using these in our team meetings for training since it creates dialogue about our processes and helps to harmonize our internal practices. Keep the videos coming!”

- Jeannine D’Amico, Summer Accommodation Coordinator

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