Customer Data Management System

Take control of your customer data management


When utilising your bedroom stock in the style of a hotel, you will experience having 1000's of people going through your system. It is your departments duty to ensure the customer data management is dealt with responsibly, protecting the customers privacy and abiding by GDPR regulations. Our data management system will help you successfully achieve this.

customer data management

Solve the challenges customer data management bring with Kinetic


Safeguard sensitive customer data

From running data back-ups whenever is convenient for you, to earmarking particular customers to ensure their records cannot be anonymised. You will be able to safeguard your data with our customer data management software.

data management tool

Ensure you are GDPR compliant

Protect your customers data, from anonymising it, to ensuring that you are managing it securely and following GDPR regulation, our system can help you.

data management system

Compress and store old customer data records

When you start dealing with quick turning transient business, your database will soon become populated with a lot of personal details. Our system makes it easy to archive any old customer data that is no longer useful, creating space and increasing operating speeds.

schedule cleansing routines

Set data cleansing routines

Our system allows you to schedule data cleansing routines to run during times of low activity so that operations teams will not be impacted.

Full audited trail

Keep track of who made changes when

As data is such a sensitive subject, our system keeps track of every action completed so that you will always know what has been done when, and by who. Giving you a full audited trail should it ever be needed.

financial reporting

Have reliable financial information

Our system has state-of-the-art technology which can ensure you are abiding by data laws whilst also ensuring your financial data remains unaffected.

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Our software allows you to take full control of your data with complete administration rights and the ability to use all functionality without relying on our IT desks input. Of course, our team are there additionally should their support be needed.

With our software's ultra-fast bulk management skills, your team will be saved from having to anonymise and archive each individual customers records, so they can get on with their list of priorities whilst the software does it.

If GDPR and data legislation are not carefully followed and a customer files a claim against you, it is possible you could find yourselves in a position where you are charged heavy fines. Using our software can help avoid this.

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Our software provides you with the ability to advertise your vacant rooms via your own website as well as via OTAs. This will really help to expand your reach and gain new business.


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transferring data

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improve efficiency

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Customer Data Management 

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When using your accommodation for non-students, you'll be dealing with guests' personal information. It is important to protect this information and abide by GDPR regulation.