Room Booking Management

Supporting the entire room booking process


When you receive a reservation, whether it be via phone, your website or an online travel agent, it's important you have a room booking management system to monitor and amend your venue's residential resources.

From the moment you allocate a room to the moment your customer checks-out, all the captured reservation details should be recorded in one centralised location. This will enable you to improve your overall customer experience and operational efficiency. 

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Solve the challenges of room booking management

meet demand

Meet the demand 

Make real-time agile decisions bviewing bedroom availability and rates in one screen, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently to incoming enquiries. 

improve customer service

Improve customer service 

Including housekeeping notes on the booking will ensure your bedrooms are ready for your guests, allowing them to check-in as soon as they arrive 

Guest look-up

Easily find bookings 

Search for reservations using various terms such as contact, room or event name and input new customer data at any stage of the process. 

centralised location

One centralised location for all information

Manage the entire residential booking process from allocation to check-out in one location, as well as catering requests, car reg notes and check-in notes. 

Less admin time 

By quickly and easily integrating the booking management software with other platforms, such as EPOS and financial systems, you can save time manually transferring this data. 

know your audience

Get to know your audience 

Recall guest history and client preferences which can be placed into a new booking. In addition to this, you can record previously negotiated rates. 

Take your business to the next level! 


Seamlessly integrate with our event management and room advertising solution, removing the need for duplicated entry and reduces the validity of data errors. 

Extensive analysis and operational reports will help improve rate management and provide detailed profiles of your customers to improve service levels. 

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Simon Barlow

Interim Head of Commercial Sales and Marketing Manager | Queen Mary University of London


Having Kx has helped us increase non-student bedroom sales, resulting in a substantial increase in surplus revenue. We
are thankful to the team at Kinetic for their help.

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user friendly

Our software provides you with the ability to advertise your vacant rooms via your own website as well as via OTAs. This will really help to expand your reach and gain new business.


Room Booking Management 

transferring data

Treat your venue like a hotel with our room booking management software. Capture guest details, take payments and automatically amend your available room count in real-time. 


Online Travel Agent Management

improve efficiency

Push out real-time availability and dictate what rates you want rooms advertised at. You will also receive booking details directly into the back-office, removing duplication errors.


Guest Management


Manage the entire journey of the guest's stay, from the moment they check-in to check-out and ensure they have a positive, smooth and enjoyable experience with you.


Customer Data Management 

Channel management software to increase reach

When using your accommodation for non-students, you'll be dealing with guests' personal information. It is important to protect this information and abide by GDPR regulation.