Training videos

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student accommodation management


Training videos about KxStudent, student financials, bedroom management, student searches, mass allocator tool and many others.

conference and event management


Here you can see videos about KxConferencing, incl. how to create an enquiry, setup emails, prepare event quote and configure room plans.


Check out the videos about KxResidential, housekeeping, check-in and -out process, residential booking process and financial deposits.


Find out more about KxRegistration functions, like editing registration attendees, event financials and mapping of UDFs.


Do you know how to merge duplicate companies and contacts, split multiple addresses and process company names? 


Still an important topic - GDPR. Find out how you can make your database compliant and where KxArchiver can assist you.


Find out what KxB&B is all about, what functionalities it has and how they can be used. Make the best out of your new tool!


The important functionality of the KxCore are the datasheets. Find out how you can make the best out of this functionality.

Other videos

From KxConfiguration specials, like automatic actions or user setup, through email creation to grouping equipment, you can find it here.