Guest Management

Achieve excellent guest satisfaction 


Well done, you've secured the booking, but it doesn't stop there! Now you need to ensure they have an enjoyable stay and leave satisfied. This will result in positive word of mouth, improving your reputation.

Our guest management system will help your team deliver an outstanding guest experience from check-in to check-out.

guest management

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Solve the challenges guest management brings with Kinetic

check-in & out

Check guests in and out easily

Upon guests arriving at your venue you can check them in using our system. This will allow you to track who's arrived. When it's time to leave, you can check them out and address any notes on the system, extras to be paid for and get their feedback to improve future stays.

guest management system

Record guest preferences and wishes

By capturing as much detail as possible about your guests and their preferences, you can ensure that going forward you meet their standards and they leave feeling positive.


Upsell to make extra last minute revenue

Identify which rooms are unoccupied so you can offer guests room upgrades if they are available. You can also offer additional up-sell options such as breakfast or dinner. These extra details could improve the guest's experience, as well as helping you hit revenue targets.

card payment

Take a payment card guarantee for guests

With our system you can take pre-payments for rooms, or you can wait until they check-out. You also have the option to take a payment card as a guarantee against the room and this can be used to pay for any extra purchases.


Communicate with housekeeping

Good communication between reception and housekeeping will improve the guest experience. How? The Housekeeping team can tick the rooms they've cleaned, allowing your reception team to check guests in as soon as their room is available.


Benefit from detailed reporting and analytics

Our detailed reporting functionality can really help your team identify where you can improve. It is possible to pull a wide range of reports with the most popular ones being for revenue and occupancy rates. 

Take your business to the next level! 


With our report scheduler you can automatically send selected reports directly to individuals inboxes. Also you can state if you would like this to happen on a regular occurrence, for example, send every Monday morning. Additionally, recipients do not need to be a registered user to receive a report.

By using your accommodation facilities outside of the academic year, you can capitalise unused resources. It is a lucrative way to enhance corporate guests' experiences, especially when they are holding conferences that are a few days long. Additionally, your location and price makes you a competitive option for people who want to access nearby attractions and events.

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Simon Barlow

Interim Head of Commercial Sales and Marketing Manager | Queen Mary University of London


Having Kx has helped us increase non-student bedroom sales, resulting in a substantial increase in surplus revenue. We
are thankful to the team at Kinetic for their help.

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Our software provides you with the ability to advertise your vacant rooms via your own website as well as via OTAs. This will really help to expand your reach and gain new business.


Room Booking Management 

transferring data

Treat your venue like a hotel with our room booking management software. Capture guest details, take payments and automatically amend your available room count in real-time. 


Online Travel Agent Management

improve efficiency

Push out real-time availability and dictate what rates you want rooms advertised at. You will also receive booking details directly into the back-office, removing duplication errors.


Guest Management


Manage the entire journey of the guest's stay, from the moment they check-in to check-out and ensure they have a positive, smooth and enjoyable experience with you.


Customer Data Management 

Channel management software to increase reach

When using your accommodation for non-students, you'll be dealing with guests' personal information. It is important to protect this information and abide by GDPR regulation.