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Make a difference to the student mental health crisis connecting the dots with our student wellbeing management software

Manage student wellbeing and welfare across your whole institution.


Unlike the status quo, Student Life is a single source of truth connecting accommodation, academic and central student support teams. It offers a simple and efficient way of recording concerns, issues and incidents and managing cases, securely. Staff from different departments can oversee student wellbeing in one central place.

Record Concerns

Quickly capture concerns anywhere on mobile, tablet or desktop. Simple by design, it's easy to see the big picture.

Report Incidents

Document incidents and record evidence, in real-time. Create action plans for each team or individual and track trends.


Use predictive technologies to identify students at risk and create proactive action plans. With all audit data in one place, you can use history to generate automatic alerts.

Manage Cases

Set objectives and tasks to build a plan for your intended outcomes. Record activities and upload supporting documentation for secure storage.

Control Data Security

Smart roles and permissions ensure everyone can record issues and concerns, but details, plans and activities are secured on a need-to-know basis at a team and individual user level.

Communicate Actions

Mobilise teams across multiple departments with secure communication and sharing of case management plans to target help where it is needed most.

Monitor Progression

Easily track the progress of objectives and tasks, assigned to teams and individual users. Design insight surveys to monitor the impact of your wellbeing strategies.

Track Outcomes

Visualise data trends, case progression and success. With all your data in one place, you can analyse your key performance indicators.

Why student wellbeing is important to us?

Because we're increadibly passionate about the lives of students and higher education professionals who support them.

‘One life lost is one life too many.’

Zero Suicide Alliance.

The amount of students disclosing their
mental health issues has grown
in the last 7 years
At least
in HE died by suicide in 2017
in England and Wales
Demand for student support
services has increased by
in the last 5 years
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Deborah Healy

Head of Residential Service, Staffordshire University

"Student life will allow us as a team to become stronger, more collaborative, and will allow a big connection between all departments which is something we’ve always needed."

It's time for change...

step 1

Record concerns

Are you concerned about a student? Now you can capture those concerns on the go, anywhere, any time on a mobile device or a desktop. Be more efficient in your actions from the start.

step 2

Report incidents

Report incidents straight away, with documented and recorded evidence. Create individual or team actions and track trends.

step 3

Manage cases

Process incidents and concerns, set objectives and tasks for the desired outcome, all supported by a secure record of activities.

step 4


With Student Life, one centralised system, you can easily and quickly identify students at risk and intervene before it's too late! 

step 5

Secure data

Everyone can record incidents and concerns but only special permission level users can view activities, tasks, plans and cases.

step 6

Communicate actions

Mobilise and alert multiple departments about your concerns and share case management plans securely, on a need to know basis.

step 7

Monitor progression

Track progression of cases and tasks easily, by team or individual user. Create surveys to monitor the impact of your efforts and get valuable insights.

step 8

Track outcomes

You've done a lot to make a difference! Take it to the next level by tracking and analysing outcomes with visual data trends, case progression and key performance indicators.

Why you can trust Student Life

Cloud based

Cloud-based and reliable

Student Life runs in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. It's reliable, secure and hassle-free. Access Student Life via a web browser, on mobile, desktop or PC.



We're a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and a Gold Microsoft Partner. We're ISO 27001 certified and have our Cyber Essentials Plus badge too.



Student Life web pages adapt to mobile, tablet and PC screen sizes, adjusting the content to suit the device you are using.

easy to implement

Easy to implement

As Student Life runs in the cloud, it connects easily to your existing Kinetic systems. It is also built for the education market with all relevant touchpoints in mind.


Great support team

Our professional and friendly team know Student Life inside-out. Plus, we've got over 20 years of experience within the higher education industry.


Changing your priorities

Remove your reliance on paper, spreadsheets, emails and single case documents. Free up your team to spend more time with students.  


Fully customisable

One of our future features, student portal, can be branded to match your house style. You can even change page layouts! 


Great data protection

The most comprehensive solution for data protection and GDPR. Extensive role security, data encryption & full anonymisation of personal data.

Our sector leaders who are helping us revolutionise student wellbeing

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Why we need to make a difference

We're on a mission to make a difference to the student mental health crisis. Watch the latest student wellbeing sessions on-demand.

Make a difference to the student mental health crisis

Student wellbeing in the post-COVID-19 reality

Why does student wellbeing and experience matter

How are we shaping the future of Student wellbeing management?

In honour of Mental Health Awareness week 2022, we’re reflecting on a development journey that has brought us Student Life, a system that is helping institutions in the HE sector to record, monitor and report on student wellbeing. At the ASRA 2022 conference, we delivered a presentation outlining Student Life and how a growing number…

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Why are we committed to Student Wellbeing?

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week, we caught up with our Chief Transformations Officer, David Wilkes, to find out how our student wellbeing management solution, Student Life, has evolved since it first started back in 2018. But first, what is Student Life? What is Student Life? Student Life answers a problem that the sector has…

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How does technology improve the student experience?

The impacts of Covid-19 are ongoing – Student Minds found that in September, 63% of students felt the pandemic continued to negatively impact their mental health.   The pandemic continues to shape students’ experiences and there is still a long way to go before all students can truly thrive at university without facing barriers, according to…

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A new addition to the Student Life community

Coventry University has joined Kinetic’s growing Student Life community, adopting our solution for managing student wellbeing for its ResLife and Accommodation teams. They intend to expand and grow their ResLife programme across other areas of their business, such as students living within their lettings portfolio. Coventry University’s ultimate ambition is being able to offer the…

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The impact of social media on mental health

Residence Life Manager at FutureLets, Coventry University Tom Truman is a Residence Life Manager who is passionate about making a difference to student mental health. Below he shares his thoughts on the impact that social media has on mental health and his personal experiences. 3.5 billion people use social media. That’s 45% of the world’s…

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4 challenges that university teams struggle with

The increase in mental health conditions being disclosed is reflected in the number of students withdrawing from university. As the student mental health crisis gets worse, there is more pressure on university teams to monitor the student’s wellbeing and support them as much as possible. However, up until now, university teams have experienced many challenges…

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Moving to university and its impact on student wellbeing

As a passionate Residence Life Manager, Tom finds it important to talk about student wellbeing. Have a listen to his video above and have a read about some practical tips he came up with for both students and university staff. Tom Truman Residence Life Manager at FutureLets, Coventry University Starting university means a lot of…

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Are you letting student fees slip through the net?

Did you know that in 2018, there were over 2.3 million students studying in the UK? This generated approximately £2.3 billion for the HE sector. BUT…   Over 30,000 students withdraw from institutions each year for a variety of reasons at a cost to the sector of over £300 million. For the average-sized university, this…

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Why student wellbeing is a hot topic

Rewind 10 years and mental health was not a common topic like it is today. Having spent over 18 months researching this topic, we found that the number of students who have disclosed a mental health condition has increased by 7x within 10 years. This is truly horrifying but it’s also a good sign that…

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Why today’s students suffer with mental health

“If you need me – you know where I am” –  how many people genuinely mean it? Sure, it sounds somewhat reassuring to a student, but in today’s world, it is counterintuitive to how young people communicate. There’s no denying that the shift in young people’s attention spans has been widely attributed to the advance…

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