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KxPayments -
The Future of Student Payments

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Join our Head of Products, Adam Calladine as he gives you a tour of our one-stop-shop solution to managing student payments.

ResLife and Student Wellbeing -
A Glimpse Into The Future

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Supported by panellists from Staffordshire University, University of Nottingham and Ulster University

Innovation Workshop

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Presented by Lisa Mills, Product Specialist

Innovation Workshop
Student Life

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Presented by Dan Lister, Student Life Manager

In gear for your new year -
Practical tips & tricks for your venue

AVS webinar

Presented by Rob Johnstone, Commercial Product Lead, and Lee Rawlinson, Director of Innovation

In every challenge lies an opportunity

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Presented by Danny Connor - Business Development Specialist

Student experience - Why it's more important than ever before

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Presented by Lee Rawlinson -
Director of Innovation

Make the most out of your residential bookings

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Presented by Rachael Wilson - 
Sales Manager

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KxConferencing Suite

Dealing with your events whilst dealing with a crisis

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Presented by Lisa Mills - Commercial Specialist

KxStudent Suite

Managing your student operations in light of a crisis

Webinar Screenshot 2-

Presented by Laura Henderson -
Kinetic Trainer

Room Service

Managing your student operations in light of a crisis

Webinar Screenshot 3-

Presented by Jess Deighton - Lead Consultant
and Romy Burgess - Customer Success Manager

KxConferencing Suite

Best practices for NHS staff room allocation for higher education

Webinar Screenshot 5-

Presented by Lisa Mills - Commercial Product Specialist

KxStudent Suite

Best practices for NHS staff room allocation for PBSA

Webinar Screenshot 612

Presented by Ian Barcock - Student Specialist

Room Service

Best practices for NHS staff room allocation for Room Service

Webinar Screenshot 5-

Presented by Jess Deighton - Lead Consultant
and Romy Burgess - Customer Success Manager

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We’ve signed up to the SME Climate Commitment

The science is clear: we need to halve our emissions by 2030 to deliver a zero-carbon world in time.   To meet this goal, every business, no matter their size or industry, has a role to play. We need all companies around the world to commit to a net-zero future.   Our commitment We have committed to cut…

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New additions to our student payment management solution community

We’re delighted to announce that UniLife and the University of Limerick, have adopted our brand-new payment solution, KxPayments. What is KxPayments? KxPayments offers a secure and seamless integration of payments and allows you to monitor and manage student billing easily. Enabling you to assemble an optimised payment eco-system with no difficult integration process. It also…

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Top 5 tips to make the Clearing process seamless for your accommodation team

Clearing is one of the most important times throughout the year for higher education institutions. According to UCAS, more than 70,000 students were accepted through Clearing in 2020 and we are looking at even higher numbers in 2021. In fact, National Clearing Survey results suggest an increase of a whopping 38%! With the Clearing deadline…

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Taking student experience to the next level with software integrations

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do! It helps us form great partnerships and allows our customers to deliver the best service – just like Unilife.   How can we help enhance the student experience you deliver? Kinetic and MyRenzBox integration will take student experience at Unilife to the next level through seamless…

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The impact of social media on mental health

Residence Life Manager at FutureLets, Coventry University Tom Truman is a Residence Life Manager who is passionate about making a difference to student mental health. Below he shares his thoughts on the impact that social media has on mental health and his personal experiences. 3.5 billion people use social media. That’s 45% of the world’s…

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4 challenges that university teams struggle with

The increase in mental health conditions being disclosed is reflected in the number of students withdrawing from university. As the student mental health crisis gets worse, there is more pressure on university teams to monitor the student’s wellbeing and support them as much as possible. However, up until now, university teams have experienced many challenges…

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Moving to university and its impact on student wellbeing

As a passionate Residence Life Manager, Tom finds it important to talk about student wellbeing. Have a listen to his video above and have a read about some practical tips he came up with for both students and university staff. Tom Truman Residence Life Manager at FutureLets, Coventry University Starting university means a lot of…

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Are you letting student fees slip through the net?

Did you know that in 2018, there were over 2.3 million students studying in the UK? This generated approximately £2.3 billion for the HE sector. BUT…   Over 30,000 students withdraw from institutions each year for a variety of reasons at a cost to the sector of over £300 million. For the average-sized university, this…

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Why student wellbeing is a hot topic

Rewind 10 years and mental health was not a common topic like it is today. Having spent over 18 months researching this topic, we found that the number of students who have disclosed a mental health condition has increased by 7x within 10 years. This is truly horrifying but it’s also a good sign that…

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Why today’s students suffer with mental health

“If you need me – you know where I am” –  how many people genuinely mean it? Sure, it sounds somewhat reassuring to a student, but in today’s world, it is counterintuitive to how young people communicate. There’s no denying that the shift in young people’s attention spans has been widely attributed to the advance…

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