Easily access information and complete important tasks
on a mobile or tablet device.

 With a direct integration between KxStudent, KxConferencing and KxResidential, KxMobile enables you to improve efficiencies and utilise your time in the best possible way.

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Conferencing team

Your days are spent running around like a headless chicken! The venue is full of guests and your to-do list is ever-growing. KxMobile can relieve some of the pressure with event and attendee information available in your pocket! Your guests can use the kiosk mode and check-in themselves, reducing contact between other guests and your team, whilst enhancing their experience.

Student Experienece Software

Amazing experience

With a brand NEW kiosk mode, your guests can easily check themselves into your venue using your tablet device, without accessing other KxMobile features or data.

Manage Finances-02

Revenue Generation

Increase the chance of securing new bookings as you can offer your customers upcoming availability details on here and then.

Stdent Accommodation Management


There's lots of information to see on KxMobile, including your chosen room plan, bedroom details, event dates, availability and attendee contact information.

Student Accommodation Software

Tracking Guests

Say goodbye to long printed attendee lists as you can easily identify your event delegates and key contact information from your mobile or tablet device.

Student Accommodation team

Imagine being able to walk around your campus without carrying a big laptop, printed paperwork or need to run back to your desk to check students' details... Well now you can! With KxMobile, you can access important information about students and their accommodation on the spot, right from your mobile or tablet device.

Responsive design


Easily search for a student using their bedroom location, student name/ID or a QR/bar code containing the Student ID. Once located, you can view their contact information, requests and more.


Simple Navigation

Find bedrooms by site, area, block or sub-block with details for the current date, including the student details and their arrival and departure date and student ID.

one stop shop

Improved Effiencies

Display a list of all students ready to check-in for the current date either by location or a scanned QR/bar code containing their Student ID.

Accessible data-12

Easy Identification

Have student photos appear against their profile so you can easily identify a student and become familiar with who they are, meaning you can develop that relationship. 

Housekeeping team

Gone are the days where you'd need to carry printed cleaning rotas and a pen with you. Say hello to KxMobile! A simple way for you to report immediately on the status of a room all in a few clicks on your portable device.

Room Availability

Less Paperwork

Say goodbye to printed room cleaning reports as you can filter the room statuses by rota and update accordingly.

Student Accommodation Inspections

Meet Expectations

With cleaning regimes more intense than ever before, housekeeping can change a bedroom status on the go.


Report Immediately

Take photo evidence of bedrooms directly from your mobile device and have it automatically upload to the back-office system.


Streamline Processes

Being able to update the status of a room and include details means the rota will be easier to follow.


"KxMobile has drastically increased our speed and efficiency with our check-in and check-out processes and allowed us to completely eliminate a wasteful paper roster process. The interface is very user-friendly for both staff and guests, and the back-end administration is very intuitive."


- Alan Frizzell Jr.
Conference Services Manager, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Make your Kinetic experience even more powerful!

student experience software


Impress clients with visually engaging sales proposals that put the user experience at the heart of your operation. 

ConferencingPulse Mockup - Roadmap

See the latest developments

Conferencing is undergoing a continuous process of development, so that we can bring you a wider range of improved functions all the time. Check the roadmap here, and be sure to check back for regular updates in the future.

reception manager


Allow attendees to register and pay with a response page, whilst you access powerful back office reporting.

Easily manage and grow your student accommodation portfolio & conferencing operation with Kinetic's world-leading software