The Student Induction Process

Effective induction process to boost your student's confidence


Your students will have a mix of excitement and nerve when starting university, this is only natural. However, you can help ease this by giving them an online student induction programme, prior to their arrival.

Our software empowers you to do this with a fully branded website portal that students can log into. Here they can get all of the information they need to prepare for their arrival. This can include welcome videos, orientation information, tips and tricks, FAQs, health and safety briefings, freshers week information, booking events, selecting preferred arrival slots, downloading arrival passes, buying parking permits and much more.


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Solve the challenges the student induction process can bring

Reduce student queues

Reduce student queues

Our software can help you control the flow of intake on student arrival. With the help of Kinetic, your students can log into their portal prior to arrival and sort out things in advance such as select a preferred arrival time, print a parking permit for the day or download an arrival pass. The pass will give your accommodation staff all of the information they need to check in the new student and hand over their new room key.  

Student induction program

Online compulsory briefings prior to arrival

On arrival day, the students are likely to be excited and their attention spans may be lower than usual. Therefore, get students to watch health and safety briefings, and other important information, online in a pre-arrival student induction programme. With our system you can make certain elements compulsory, ensuring important information has been seen. You can also get in-depth analytics on everything the student has engaged with.

Reduce printing costs with software

Eliminate your printing costs

Printing student handbooks can be very expensive and whenever anything needs to be updated, a new print run needs to be made. Instead, our software offers your students a digital copy of the student handbook. They can download this to their own device and will always have access to it on their student portal should they need it. 

Student enquiries

Reduce the amount of student enquiries

Our student management software helps you keep students up-to-date with everything that will happen on arrival day; from how they can prepare and what to pack to what the most FAQ's are. Additionally, you can use our mass communication tool which can send emails and texts to 1000's of students at the push of a button. With a tool like this, your enquiry numbers will drop dramatically.

Take your business to the next level! 


With the help of Kinetic, your arrivals week will run smoothly and your new students will have an excellent start to their university experience. Everyone will know exactly what they're doing, when, and arrivals day will be more organised, reducing confusion for both students and their families.

Our system comes with a configurable content management system. This means that if you have new services you want to add or information you need to change, you don't have to submit a request for it to be done. Instead, you can go straight into the system and amend it yourself.

With our software, you will have the opportunity to offer your students extra services, for example, airport meet and greets. Therefore, you can go that extra mile to ensure your students feel satisfied. 

See the value that Kinetic brings

Sioned Cash

Operations & Planning Manager | University of Warwick

We recently upgraded Kinetic to the latest version, completely redeveloping and upgrading our StudentWeb platform, incorporating the Student Hub and introducing KxInductions - all within the space of a few months. This was a lot to change in one go as it involved changing internal processes so that we could improve the student booking journey from application to arrival. Kinetic understood the complexities within an institution and the importance to be hitting the ground running with minimal issues once we were live. This was a successful process thanks to Kinetic's support, understanding of us as a university and of the sector in general.

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