Unilife parcel management

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How can we help enhance the student experience you deliver? Kinetic and MyRenzBox integration will take student experience at Unilife to the next level through seamless parcel management.

Who are Unilife?

Unilife are a purpose-built student accommodation provider in the South of England. Alongside providing the ultimate student experience, they also are responsible for managing their resident’s and guests posts and parcels.

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To ensure that their residents can receive their parcels without disruption or distress, Unilife have liaised with MyRenzBox to find a solution that would meet this need - the myRENZbox intelligent parcel management platform

Who are The Safety Letterbox Company?

The Safety Letterbox Company is the UK leading manufacturer in Mail and Parcel boxes. Partnered with Renz Group, they offer a fully automated, scalable parcel management solution that takes student living to a whole new level, while significantly improving business efficiency. They myRENZbox App allows for smart parcel boxes to be conveniently operated from a recipient's smartphone or tablet, managing the parcel delivery process.

Why has this been done?

Unilife want to ensure all their residents enjoy the best service in the cities they operate and feel the way they handle their post and parcels is reflective of their own image. As a result, they created a solution that would safely streamline all the post and parcels arriving within their building. And, with the unveiling of the new Sparkford House residence in Winchester, there was not a better opportunity to test this solution.


How has this been done?

The proposed solution was to install a freestanding mailbox that both delivery companies and residents can easily access. How can the mailbox be integrated with the Room Service resident database? Unilife adopted our Room Service API to deliver the required integration within their student accommodation management system, so when a student opts into the service,  they are automatically registered and have the ability to amend their account details.


How does the integration work?

  1. Student requests to use myRENbox within Room Service and accepts the usage agreement and privacy policy. It is suggested that the parcel box service is first offered at the point when student arrives to take up a room, but this timing can be changed.
  2. Relevant student details are provided from Room Service database via API back-end integration to secure myRENZbox cloud server.
  3. Information is processed and account created with username, password plus unique account collection PIN.
  4. As an interim solution, the student receives an email and/or SMS notification to confirm account setup, provide login details and instructions for use, e.g. how to get a parcel delivered and how to collect.
  5. Subsequent student account changes will be self-administered via the myrenz.com portal.
  6. The myrenz.com portal will also be available via a management login to oversee the parcel box usage, intervene as necessary and review statistical information.
  7. User accounts will be activated for a specific time period, i.e. from the start of the room service contract for accommodation to the end date. Once the end date is reached the account will be deactivated and all access to the parcel box system removed.

Benefits of the integration between Room Service and myRENZbox:

  1. Improves experience for residents and guests.
  2. Real-time integration between student and database.
  3. Parcels are delivered in a timely and safe manner.
  4. It alleviates daily pressure for staff.
  5. Less strain to guarantee human presence on delivery.

Here’s what The Safety Letterbox Company had to say:

Unilife had identified a need to develop a solution for managing their parcels, but wanted to avoid additional administration and eliminate the uncertainty of students not creating an account via their invitation email.


In order to automate the account creation, amendment, suspension and deletion process we adopted the Room Service API, which automatically created a unique student account. When each student arrives and begins their stay, they are offered the myRENZbox parcel management solution, and if accepted, their personal details are used from their Room Service account, to create their myRENZbox account with each student receiving email confirmation containing their user credentials.


Once an account Is activated, students can order items online and specify their myRENZbox as the point of delivery, collecting their items via the app ensuring a contactless process. Once a room contract experiences and the accounts have been amended, the myRENZbox account is automatically deactivated thanks to the API integration.

Thanks to Frank Pinto, Richard Wigley and everyone at Unilife and The Safety Letterbox Company for sharing this great innovation with the rest of the Kinetic Community!


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