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Cast your mind back to March 2020... You're sat on the sofa and Boris Johnson announces that all businesses would have to work from home where possible.

For some Kinetic customers, this news was absolutely fine! There were no concerns or issues about connectivity, security and support. But for others, well... this was only just the beginning!

So, what was the split between the customer base that caused two very different responses?

The answer - Being hosted or on-premise!


Hosted software refers to software that is installed, hosted and accessed entirely from a remote server or location. This meant that for customers using our hosted solution, working remotely wasn't much of a worry. Same applied for us to support them!


But... don't worry if you're not using our hosted solution, it's not too late! In fact, let's dive into 4 reasons as to why you'll DEFINITELY want to move to a hosted server.

1  Being prepared for crisis

As mentioned before, when Boris announced lockdown, there were no concerns from our hosted customers! All they had to do was connect to the internet and VOILA! No extra resource from local IT, just a plug & play solution. This also meant that their IT team could focus on key business objectives rather than ensuring everyone was connected.

Being hosted also means taking advantage of the best practices of disaster recovery plans. This means that even in the event of a hacker attack or physical building damage, your data is kept saved and secured, ready to get you back on track!

2 Improving efficiency

A hosted solution means you’ll reduce manual intervention as your infrastructure is fully serviced and maintained by Kinetic, meaning your system will always stay up-to-date without any resources required on your side.

It also means that upgrades will be a lot quicker, and you'll always have access to the latest features while not causing disruption to your IT team.

Less workload on your IT team means they can prioritise their resources and focus on what's important to the business.

3 Savings

There are several savings associated with a hosted solution! Firstly, servers require maintenance and energy costs, and not to mention the space! With a hosted solution, you'll not only save on energy but also be able to utilise your space better.

Being hosted can not only save you money in hardware, software, and maintenance but also valuable time!

4  Security! 

Lastly, our hosted solution comes with a long list of security benefits! Including;

  • It runs on Microsoft Azure so you know your data is safe and secure.
  • Your data is encrypted at rest, and in transit in accordance with the GDPR requirements.
  • We implement a set of security best practices, making you resilient to attacks and keeping your customer data secure.
  • Remove the risk of losing data with regular back-ups, on multi-data centre storage.
  • With our global Microsoft state-of-the-art data centres, your data is proactively safeguarded and streamlines compliance.
  • Backed by a Microsoft Gold SLA, we have access to premium and trusted service from a technology world leader to help support your business needs.


With our hosted solution, you have two options...

  1. A dedicated infrastructure. You’ll have your very own environment, including network, storage account, database server and web server if required
  2. A multi-tenant infrastructure, whereby your data is completely separate but you share the technical infrastructure.


By now, you're more than likely to realise that a hosted solution is the way forward! If you're keen to find out more, simple click here!