Student Data Management Software

Govern your data effectively with our data management solution


Our student data management software allows you to anonymise data quickly - either over a certain time period, for individual contacts or for companies, making it easy for you to comply with any data privacy requests. You can also archive data that is no longer needed, freeing up space and improving speed performance.

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Solve the challenges of data management

archive old data

Archive your old data records

Is your database filled with many years worth of data? Our data archiver can safely condense your old data, freeing up space for new entries and helping to run your system faster.

protected data

Protect your data

Our data management tool enables you to easily backup your data without having to contact the support desk. You can also anonymise sensitive personal data, like ethnic origin or biometric data.

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Comply with GDPR legislation

Our software will help you comply with GDPR legislation through its ability to remove or anonymise sensitive data; helping you to avoid hefty fines.


Schedule your data cleansing

Our tool has the ability to schedule data cleansing routines. This feature means work can be set to run outside of working hours so that operations teams will not be impacted.

full audit

Fully tracked and audited data changes

Every action that is taken in our data management solution is fully tracked and audited, including time stamps and who was responsible for the changes. 

financial reporting

Retain financial data for reporting accuracy

Our system allows you to abide by privacy laws whilst still maintaining financial data for reporting and analysis purposes, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Take your business to the next level! 


With GDPR and data legislation becoming ever-more stringent, it's vital that your business complies as the penalties for not abiding by these are very costly.

Know that you can comply with data legislation laws without having to completely delete individuals records, causing loss of financial data. Wih our software, you can anonymise data entirely protecting individual's identities, but retaining data for accurate financial reporting. 

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