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Simplify your student request management process


Receiving random e-mail requests and getting students to fill out paper forms are not efficient ways of dealing with important student requests.

Our software simplifies this process by turning your student portal into a year-round tool that offers your students the ability to contact you about different types of requests (tailored by you). Student's online requests will get processed in real-time to the back-office where you can manage, track and communicate back to the student.

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Solve the challenges of managing change requests

Request management

Manage student requests effectively

Start receiving all of your student requests in one place and manage the whole process efficiently from the initial request being received to it being resolved. Our system allows you to assign operators and update the process as you go along, which in turn, updates the student about the progress. 

configurable settings

Configurable request types

With our student request management software, you can configure exactly what types of requests to show, including maintenance requests, room transfers, guest stays, welfare concerns, early arrivals, summer extensions and more. Plus, you can schedule when you want certain requests to be visible or hidden.

student experience

Offer a great student experience

Have one central place where students can go to submit requests, receive correspondence about them and track their progress. Creating a request is easy and simple, therefore improves the student experience.

Managing change requests from one system

Have everything in one system

When student requests are submitted, they will be fed through to the central student system and connected to your student's profile, meaning everything is managed from one platform, making things easier and communication clearer between team members.

request management software

Intelligent logic to control requests

Our request management system uses state-of-the-art technology which helps you control student requests. You can apply limits, make rules and set criteria to help manage the process and save valuable time. For example, you can add logic to disable the 'request guest stay' button once a student has used their allocation of guest stays.

student request reporting

Easily pull reports

In order to reduce the number of student requests you receive, you need to be able to identify trends and analyse the stats to see where things are going wrong and if there are ways this could be prevented in the future. Our system enables you to pull detailed reports on various different data points quickly. 

Take your business to the next level! 


With our system, all of your student requests will come straight through to the central student system and you will be notified whenever you are assigned a request so you can look straight into it. 

By offering students a clear process for submitting requests, and enabling quick responses by staff, students will be more likely to rate their experience highly as they will appreciate them being dealt with and resolved quickly.

What do our customers say

Lianne Henry

Head of Student Allocations, Accommodation, Catering and Events | University of Edinburgh


KxRequests has enabled us to have tailored options that allow our students
to log requests through our student hub. They can request to move room, request a renewal and report a repair. They have changed the way we work and interact with our students in a very positive way.

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