Student Payments

Safe and secure student payments 


Give your students the best experience for processing immediate card payments and create recurring payment agreements. With our solution, they will have a consistent user experience through an online portal that is fully-branded to your needs. Choose from a wide range of classic and alternative payment providers to offer your students a payment method that they are comfortable and familiar with.

student payments

Solve the challenges student payments can bring

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Improved user experience

By using our student payment gateway, students will enjoy a seamless payment experience. Everything can be completed inside your application window where you can seamlessly embed a branded and styled payment form, avoiding the need to divert students to the external payment provider websites.

Clear communication

Improve student payment communication

By improving communication you could improve your payment success rate. Our student payment system can schedule emails and run triggers to automatically send them to students which match criteria. Examples could include, upcoming payment reminders, card expiry warnings, payment failure notifications or successful payment thank you emails.

Student Payments

Pay the lowest merchant rates

Our payment gateway is really flexible as it supports many acquirers giving you the freedom to find the best merchant accounts at the lowest rates. Popular choices include WorldPay, Secure Trading, Realex Payments, Pay 360 and WPM Education.

student payment system

Let students manage and edit their payments

With our student portal, students can log in to their accounts to see how much they have paid so far, what amount is still due and when each payment is scheduled for. If they are not on a direct debit they can pay in instalments on the student portal. They can also amend details such as their preferred payment option and card details.

Flexible student payments

Offer flexible solutions for students worldwide

Our payment solution can allow students to pay in full upfront by credit or debit card, or they can create payment plans to pay in instalments. Additionally, we also support over 150 alternative payment methods including AliPay, WeChatPay, PayPal, ApplePay to support your students worldwide.

Integrate with student records

Integrate payments with students records

Our payment software is closely integrated with our student records system and runs from the cloud. This will make it easier for you to collect recurring card payments, reconcile transactions, change payment plans (this is super helpful for room swaps), issue refunds, and handle failed payments.

Take your business to the next level! 


As our system has automated emailing functionality, you can send students reminders about their payments and ask them to update their payment card if it's close to its expiry date, fixing problems before they happen and aiding you to get paid on time. 

With our payment software, you also get in-depth reporting that covers everything from payment forecasts to transaction reports. You can also run reports to help highlight students at high risk of not paying so that you can monitor these closely.

Our system has advanced fraud prevention and security helping to protect your university against any fraudulent acts or hacking attempts.

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