Student Accommodation Contracts

Offer your students their accommodation contracts online


Our platform has intelligent technology which will help you complete your contracting process quickly and accurately.

You can create, send and get students to sign their contracts digitally with our software; saving you time and resources whilst also offering students a better experience.

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Solve the challenges student contract management brings

Student Contracts

Easily set up student's contracts

With our software you can create template contracts for each room type and then easily personalise them to each student, cutting admin time and giving you assets, which can be re-used in the future.

two way communication

Instant sending and receiving functionality

Once you are happy, you can schedule or instantly send offers and contracts to students. These will then be live on the student's portal where they can access them at any time. When the student responds to the offer and signs, or declines, their response and contract will be saved to the student record system, keeping all information about the student in one place. 

configurable settings

Make your contracts more exciting

Block text is so out! You can format and brand your contracts, add HTML, hyperlinks, images, headers and footers, symbols and change fonts. This will help students read and digest the information quicker.


Allow students to digitally sign contracts

Avoid the time consuming and expensive process of posting students their contracts. Instead, provide them with a digital PDF version that can be electronically signed. This will result in quicker communication between both parties. Plus, everyone will have access to the signed contract making it easier to find should it be needed.

seamlessly integrate with your website

Automate the contracting process

Our software will use your student allocation list to automate the creation of every student contract. It will add the student details and data points, such as contract duration and room number. These can be produced and sent at the click of a few buttons. 

update student records automatically

Automatically update your student records

Our system will automatically push student offer responses and student contracts to the central student records system. This way everything is kept together on one system without any manual uploads, giving you a single place of truth for all things related to every student.

Take your business to the next level! 


As contracts are automatically pushed through to the central student records, your team will save time in having to upload these manually. 

Students no longer have to print the contract out and manually sign it as they can do this digitally, resulting in the improved student experience. 

All student records and important information will be saved in a central place, not only reducing the search time, but also improving the communication, both externally and internally.

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