Student Applications

Help students find and apply for your accommodation


Let students discover your accommodation options online in an attractive and informative design. Then give students the ability to select and compare their choices before submitting their final preferences and applying.

When filling out the application form, all of the student's information will be transferred in real-time to the back-office, massively reducing admin tasks and duplication errors.

student applications

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Solve the challenges student applications can bring

Student accommodation website

Showcase your student accommodation

With a variety of modern design options, you can create online listings for your different property and bedroom types showing detailed descriptions, images, facilities, maps, pricing and more.

Profile students for better placement

Student profilling for advanced allocation

Gather all relevant student details right at the moment of their application. This will improve the allocation process and reduce the number of requests received once the students are in-house. Linking all this information to the back-office will improve reporting and response times to student requests.

seamlessly integrate with your website

Seamlessly integrate with your website

Your accommodation platform will have the same look and feel as your main website. It will be fully branded so students won't even know the background system has changed. 

two way communication

Sync student details to the back-office

As students fill in our online application forms and upload any supplementary documents, these are all transferred in real-time to the back-office. This removes the need for any manual input of student details; alleviating hours of work that would usually be undertaken by the student team.

Student Applications

Have high-tech online application forms

Our online application forms have the highest tech, security and usability. They are designed to create smooth student experiences, include progress bars and integrate with payment gateways should you want to take a deposit. 

Live student room avalibility

Live room availability & book now capabilities

Show your applicants room availability in real-time and offer the option to book their chosen room type instantly, securing it straight away. Improve the control of your room availability, as well as room rates, making sure all your room stock is sold.

Take your business to the next level! 


With our enticing accommodation listings, you can truly show how you are different to other properties and what makes you stand out. 

Our application process is very user-friendly, so students will find applying for your accommodation a breeze.

By using our software you will no longer have to type up student details from paper application forms. Your team will also save time answering student questions and concerns about the application process as our system is clear and self-explanatory, reducing the amount of support needed by students to complete it.

See the value that Kinetic brings to our customers

Carol Thomas

Accommodation Services Manager | University of the Arts London

UAL’s accommodation portfolio has grown and diversified over the years and Kx has been supporting us to deliver a responsive service, which in turn enhanced the student experience. Students are able to carry out many tasks ranging from applying for accommodation through to making service requests. The student journey goes beyond the normal 9 - 5 business hours and we needed a system that would keep working 24/7. Thanks to Kx, we are able to deliver a quality service to our students, who are our number one priority.

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