Technology & Systems within PBSA's

Improving the PBSA industry with technology and systems


The PBSA market is competitive and continually growing. You need a flexible system that will adapt and change with you and your fast-paced industry. You want it to aid your team on becoming the best student accommodation provider, and you want your systems to grow with you.


Are you battling with these challenges?


Quality of reporting

You are currently finding it time-consuming and difficult to pull reports; you do not have access to real time data and you are also concerned about the accuracy of the stats being reported. This needs to be improved so that business insight can become clearer and reliable trends can identified to help indicate where improvements are needed.

student data

GDPR regulations

It is a time consuming and risky task to correctly record, anonymise and retain students data in line with GDPR regulations. It is still a hot topic in every industry and greatly impacts IT department.


Integration issues

Every time you add any new software, you need to integrate it with all of the systems your business uses. This can be very time consuming for the IT team and sometimes the integration is not possible which adds an element of manual duplication for these tasks every time they are done.

manual input

Manual tasks

Are you spending a lot of time manually upgrading of each system and trying to integrate various software solutions? Just imagine the number of additional tasks you could complete if manual tasks like this are being automated.  



Security is also a high priority for your department. Students and parents alike will be transferring large payments through your system. Therefore, it is important they feel comfortable and safe doing so, and that you receive the fees with no technical issues.


On-prem restrictions

Being on-prem can hold PBSA's back as this type of system tends to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to expand, which does not compliment the growth mentality of this business type.

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Here are some technology and systems issues we have helped ease

Simon Barlow

Head of Events at Queen Mary | University of London


Kinetic has provided us with a more robust platform that our teams have confidence in and removed the time spent in previous years communicating on paper, in person or by phone.

Carol Thomas

Accommodation Services Manager | UAL


UAL’s accommodation portfolio has grown and diversified over the years and Kx has been supporting us to deliver a responsive service, which in turn enhanced the student experience. The student journey goes beyond the normal 9 - 5 business hours and we needed a system which would keep working 24/7. Thanks to Kx we are able to deliver a quality service to our students, who are our number one priority.

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