Student accommodation inventory control software that assists the inspection process

KxInspections allows student accommodation managers to get away from traditional paper based room inspection systems which are extremely time consuming and costly and moves them to a more automated process. Inspectors can use any android device to carry out multiple room inspections and save them for later approval. It dynamically logs damage charges to the students account with its integration with KxStudent.

Event scheduling software

Streamline Processes

Save your inventory staff time by replacing slow and manual systems with paperless mobile device data capture that is stored for future use.

Student Inspections Software

Audits & Analysis

Store data in one central location to enable powerful analysis over time, generating high quality and consistent processes. 

Student Experience Software

Student Experience

With online inventory functionality, and automated communications and you can be improve your the student experience.

Student Experience Software

Tangible Savings

By reducing the amount of time operational staff spend collating and processing captured data, you will be able to allocate that time elsewhere in the business.

Student Experinece Software

Manage Finances

Create charges and complete refunds within the Tenancy Deposit Scheme best practice guidelines in a simple to use tool.

Student Experince Software

Monitor Performance

By evaluating  and monitoring your teams performance, you can work on and improve overall business processes and performance.

Make your Kinetic experience even more powerful!

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Inclusion & feedback sessions

parcel management


Speed up collections and create more space for increasing parcel volumes.

Easily manage and grow your student accommodation portfolio & conferencing operation with Kinetic's world-leading software