Catering management software 
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Catering Management Software

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Ease your catering teams workload with a dedicated catering order management application

KxCatering offers a single place for your catering department to manage both internal and external bookings, from receiving the initial order through to delivery making life simpler and driving demand.

KxCatering has some tasty features

Catering Management Software

One Location

Handle internal and external orders from one application, meaning no more checking in to KxConferencing and other internal order systems.

Catering Management Software

Easy Integrations

By easily integrating with our Web Catering application, internal catering can be ordered online and received in KxCatering.

Student Experince Software

Analyse & Improve

See at a glance how many orders the team has and which catering areas are in demand, allowing you to improve your service and efficiency. 

Student Experience Software

Better Organisation

Improve your organisation with a structured approach to handling orders, there will be no more excel spreadsheets, email chains and bits of paper. 

Catering Management Software

Manage Finances

With built-in reports and the ability to manage your charges to the relevant departments, you can be assured that your finances are managed correctly.

Student Experince Software

Stay Updated

Keep track of changes and be alerted when orders have been changed and record dietary requirements ensuring customer food satisfaction.

Make your Kinetic experience even more powerful!

Catering Management Software

Web Catering

An online ordering solution that allows your customers to submit orders online, with Kx Catering as the back office. 

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