An online event scheduling calendar that can be easily viewed,
exported, emailed or printed for everyday use.

Designed for seamless integration with KxConferencing, KxCalendar allows you to display your event details and schedules in one simple-to-view location. Your customers can make online enquiries and meeting space requests, allowing you more time and increased efficiency within other areas of the business.

Event Scheduling Software

Reduced Admin

With more online requests, you can spend less time dealing with enquiries on the phone or communicating via email. 

Event Scheduling Software

Simple Navigation

Users can easily view featured events with relevant links on the homepage, and can click into each event for more information.

Conference Management Software

Privacy Restrictions

Put restriction in place by specifying the information that you would like to share with your customers on each available room or space

Room Occapancy Software

Room Availability

Enable your customers to quickly view which rooms are available to suit their preferences, eliminating time- consuming enquiries.

Event Scheduling Software

Fully Customizable

Set your favourite spaces, filter by multiple event type and use free text search, to tailor the system to your individual needs. 

Event Scheduling Software

Increased Efficiency

Less enquiries means more time can be used to focus on customer experience and  generating increased revenue.

Make your Kinetic experience even more powerful!

Conferencing Manager

Kx Mobile

Access real-time information on the move via a mobile device, allowing more time to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

reception manager


Allow attendees to register and pay with a response page, whilst you access powerful back office reporting.

student experience software


Impress clients with visually engaging sales proposals that put the user experience at the heart of your operation. 

Easily manage and grow your student accommodation portfolio & conferencing operation with Kinetic's world-leading software