Maximise room occupancy with online reservations

KxB&B empowers you to easily manage the booking process and maximise your room occupancy. With a fully customisable website, you can tailor branding and messaging to reflect the unique selling points of your venue.

University of the Arts London
Jane Donachy, Associate Director of Catering Retail and Accommodation, University of the Arts London.


Over the past few years, we have significantly increased the revenue we generate through the summer business.

Income has grown by almost two-thirds and yet the increase to our team has been minimal by comparison.

KxB&B has enabled us to do this, ensuring we maximise revenue whilst keeping associated admin to a minimum. Using KxB&B has also provided us with an opportunity to focus on the guest experience, rather than spending our time on manual processes and updating the myriad of spreadsheets we all know and love! Now we not only have more customers but happier ones as well.

Room Occapancy Software

Reduced Admin

Payments taken online reduce admin costs, cancellations and time spent manually inputting details, while reducing data errors or duplication.

Room Management Software

Flexible Configuration

Update images and messages at any time, in line with current trends, seasonal demand or any new features you are adding to your offering. 

OTA Booking Software

Real-time Availability

Provide your potential or returning customers with real-time room availability and the current rates in a simple, user friendly booking system.

Room Occupancy Software

User-friendly URLs

 Create short and simple URLs to take customers directly to specific search results based on a pre-defined date and promotional code. 

Room Occupancy Software

Customer Experience

Intuitive user experience functionality means that once a customer has selected their room, they can easily proceed to the next step in the booking process.

Room Occupancy Software

Rate Management

Easily update the rates and remove or close out days to allow you to manage your resources during specific periods or expected demand.

Make your Kinetic experience even more powerful!

Room Management Software


A seamless and streamlined solution for Online Travel Agent (OTA) bookings.