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Enhancing the student experience


Being in the higher education industry for over 20 years means we know that student experience departments have a very crucial role within universities. Students are at the heart of every institution and their happiness is the ultimate priority.

Your team aspires to achieve great results on student satisfaction surveys and keep student complaints to a minimum; from their first day until their last, you want to create a seamless arrival and departure process where students feel welcomed and appreciated. It's your team that comes up with ways of enhancing the student experience so that it's unique, unforgettable and results in students spreading positive thoughts about your institution.

Student experience

Are you battling with these challenges?

Attract students

Attracting students

You need to attract as many students to the university as possible but without the right tools and resources, this can be a challenging task. Besides fantastic courses, students now also want stylish accommodation, a memorable student experience, great social opportunities, and more! Plus, they want to find all of this information on your website and via your social media channels.

Student enquiries

Student complaints and room swap requests

This is not something that is wanted to be seen by any student experience team, but in reality, things are not that simple. The important thing is to work out why the complaints are coming in, whether there are any trends in them and how they can be prevented in the future. This is where powerful reporting and insight tools are needed as process improvements are paramount to success.

Automate contracting

Weak touchpoints

Examples of touchpoints with your prospective students include your website, social media, student events and word of mouth. Are your touchpoints creating a poor student experience? From difficult application processes to slow payment transactions, there are many touchpoints along a student's journey that are crucial for delivering a positive student experience.

Ever-changing policies and regulations

You constantly have to consider careful wording and follow the latest policies and regulations. These are regularly changing so you always have to amend documents, policies, licenses, applications and contracts to fit this. Otherwise, it could result in costly claims being made against you. Common areas of consideration at the moment include, but are not limited to diversity, equality and GDPR. 

Accommodate student preferences

Confused newcomers

Joining university is exciting but can also be an overwhelming experience. There is a lot of change, and for most, this will be their first time living away from home. On arrival weekend, in particular, students and their families can quickly become confused and unsure of what they need to do and where they need to be. This is why it's essential to have a clear induction process. 

Reporting and data analysis struggles

Multiple programmes and processes that aren't aligned mean data is stored across a range of platforms and full comprehensive reporting is not possible. This means you can't see the full picture. You could be missing out on important insights that may help you identify ways to improve the student experience lifecycle, that would take your department to the next level.

Improving the student experience

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Student Applications

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Student Experience Software

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Student Payments

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Student Experience Software

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Hear what our customers have to say

Carol Thomas

Accommodation Services Manager | University of Arts London


UAL’s accommodation portfolio has grown and diversified over the years and Kx has been supporting us to deliver a responsive service, which in turn enhanced the student experience. Students are able to carry out many tasks ranging from applying for accommodation through to making service requests. The student journey goes beyond the normal 9 - 5 business hours and we needed a system that would keep working 24/7. Thanks to Kx we are able to deliver a quality service to our students, who are our number one priority. 

Lianne Henry

Head of Student Allocations, Accommodation, Catering and Events | University of Edinburgh


Kx have enabled us to have tailored options that allow our students to log requests directly through our student hub. They can request to move a room, request a renewal and report a repair. This is one of our success stories and have changed the way we work and interact with our students in a very positive way. 

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