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As student accommodation management can be complex, your department is very busy multi-tasking and covering everything from sourcing bedroom furniture and furnishings, to coordinating bedroom maintenance and allocating new students to their bedrooms.

Your team is always striving for success, with the ultimate goal of filling every bedroom and delivering a positive student experience.

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Are you battling with these challenges?

High departmental pressures

As student accommodation is one of the biggest revenue drivers for universities, it's typically one of the highest pressured departments which receives a lot of interest from senior leadership. Consequently, the pressure to perform well is huge, but sometimes you don't have the right tools to achieve your goals.

Arrivals weekend

Arrivals weekend causes huge pressure on departmental resources. If it's not planned well, with a lack of clearly defined processes or little communication, it's likely to result in excessive queuing, unsettled students, stressed parents, a high amount of complaints, chaotic parking and confused staff.

A-level results day

This is one of the busiest days of the year that encompasses lots of change and relies on a lot of resources which can cause strain. Teams must begin allocating successful students to their chosen accommodation and if there is any additional bedroom stock left, it can be offered to those who place via clearing.

New build timescales

A new block of accommodation is a great investment for your team as it means more students can be housed, and more revenue can be made. However, if construction isn’t complete for the start of term, a big problem is created as you'll need to organise and pay for alternative accommodation.

Balancing overbooking

Overbooking accommodation allows for drop-outs, reducing potential revenue loss. However, due to lack of insight, an excess of overbooked students can lead to expensive hotel stays. Many universities struggle to define the optimum balance between overbooking and losing potential revenue. 

Maintenance nightmares

Maintenance requests can be a huge problem for accommodation teams because students will expect problems to be fixed ASAP. If that doesn't happen, your student satisfaction rating will quickly decrease which is the last thing you'd want as it may have an impact on their overall wellbeing and your reputation.

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