Operations in Higher Education

Putting the pieces together


If there is a team that could be seen as a foundation for the business - it is the operations team. There is a lot falling on your shoulders on a daily basis and you have to deal with a lot of last-minute requests and pressure. However, it is also the operations team that needs to be the most organised and aware of the business objectives, as it's you guys who keep the business running smoothly.


Are you facing these challenges?

High pressure

Dealing with pressure

You probably receive a lot of requests coming from different directions: complaints from students about the facilities, demands from the rest of the team for improvements... All of these require a quick response and great attention to detail. The deadlines and amount of work might be piling up and has taken its toll on you.

Maintenance challenges

A lot of universities are located in historic buildings which have sometimes seen better times. Maintaining this kind of building is challenging and time-consuming. And even if your university campus is not 100 years old, due to the budget cuts, it's challenging to receive the funds for the work required.

Operational excellence

The expectations of the operations team are always high. From the quality level of the work delivered to the great service to other departments and external parties. Operation teams are expected to be the centre of the business and able to respond to the institution's needs quickly and to the highest standards. Keeping the balance is becoming challenging!

world globe

Global overview

As your team will be dealing with pretty much every department within the institution, your need for a global overview of the requests and campus jobs is greater than any other team. Often it's challenging to find a tool that would not only give you a global overview but also provide insight.

Budget cuts

The whole higher education industry is impacted by this new, rather unpleasant, development - budget cuts. Unfortunately, often the first teams to be impacted are the ones who are not directly linked to the revenue streams. You almost have to justify your existence within the organisation and importance of your services.

Managing large groups

From huge numbers of students arriving at the same time to 3,000 kids taking part in a summer camp - managing large groups requires an "on-standby" attitude, as well as accuracy and great knowledge of the facilities and the business rules and regulations.

Explore the solutions and challenges we can help you resolve

Student Accommodation

student accommodation management

From student applications and contracts, through secure student payments and flexible student requests, to room inventory and parcel management – all you need to bring the student living experience to the next level and keep your stuff efficient and up-to-date.

Conference and Event Management

event management software

Starting with the initial enquiry, our conference and event management software can manage all processes of the event production. Wow customers with professional branded proposals or smooth registration process – all in one place and fully integrated with other systems.



catering management software

If you have an internal catering team, this is your chance to improve their workload and increase productivity by providing them with one solution that can manage all internal food orders. Quicker turnaround times, easier management and no more rumbling tummies!




Incredible opportunity to increase the commercial revenue by selling your bedrooms for the private use during the summer season or even all year-round! Easy management, advertisement, room allocation and check-in and out processes – all in one location.

How have Kinetic helped others?

Royal Holloway - Case Study

Kinetic enables Royal Holloway to manage an accommodation portfolio of over 3,400 bedrooms effectively, for both student term-time lets and many thousands of short-term vacation lets from conference guests, residential groups and language schools.

University of Kent Case Study

With the help of Kinetic, the University of Kent manage more than 5,500 bedrooms for both students and conference guests. With banqueting for up to 1,200 people and up to 200 meeting and seminar rooms, Kinetic allows them to manage any booking from the initial enquiry, proposal stage, invoicing through to event delivery.

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