Leadership In Higher Education

Creating a future for your organisation


There are several concerns for leadership teams within the higher education industry. From attracting new students and improving their experience to exploring ways to increase commercial income, there's a lot going on!

But how can your institution achieve additional income while trying to manage budgets in the most efficient way? You have to stay commercially minded while offering your team and students a truly positive experience.

Leadership in Higher Education

Are you battling with these challenges?

Juggling lots of tasks

With the higher education industry experiencing challenging times, you constantly seek ways that can improve your working routine. It may be overwhelming managing the budgets, team demands and pressure from the competition while maintaining a positive student experience, student wellbeing, drop-out rates and high university ranking. Additionally, you must focus on maintaining a high-level reputation for the institution while giving your commercial customers an amazing 5* experience.  

Managing finances and drop-out rates

It's a challenging time for higher education. With budgets already being under threat, now more than ever before, with reduced enrolment numbers, you will definitely have to keep your belts tight. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the students starting their journey with your university, finish it. High drop-out rates don't only massively impact your finances, but also the reputation of your institution, as well as your students' mental health.

Balancing workload

It can be challenging to maintain the perfect work balance. This isn't just about managing your own workload, but also your team’s. With various departments being either under your control or impacted by your decisions, you need to make sure that you’re providing the resources needed to deal with the pressure. Removing some of the manual tasks, increasing efficiency, reducing errors and improving your reputation as an employer are just a few of the things you that will help. By freeing up your team, they can focus on the things that really matter, like achieving business goals.

Enhancing the business strategy

When thinking about the business strategy for the next 5 years, you might be questioning yourself on things like; how can you become smarter and more efficient; what can you change to achieve an even better student experience; how can you stay profitable while keeping costs down; what courses you should introduce or improve; how should you invest smarter when it comes to commercial spaces; how to increase your employee satisfaction etc. There is a lot to think about!

Achieving great results

This is the one challenge that is likely giving you the most pressure! Demand for visible results from above and below exist in every organisation. Are students happy? Is their accommodation in good condition? Are there enough funds coming in so you can invest in innovation and improvements? How did we do in the student surveys this year? How much did we deliver in commercial income? Are we delivering great customer experiences? How do we compare to other higher education institutions? What would help is having all this information at your fingertips and in a central location.

Getting the right insight

To make smart decisions, you need to base them on the correct data and insight. For example, how will you know when it's time to refurbish your student accommodation? Are all your rooms occupied and if not, what is the reason? Is there a way of knowing if certain processes are not working? Reporting tools are powerful engines that will drive your business strategy to the next level, giving you an opportunity to always be up-to-date and make flexible and data-lead decisions.

What challenges can we help you resolve?

Student Accommodation

student accommodation management

Take your student experience to the next level, with a simplified application and contracts process, a secure payment solution, flexible requests, room inventory, and parcel management - resulting in improved efficiency and a better experience for both the student and your team.



With the student wellbeing being a hot topic, all eyes are on you. Student Life will allow you to manage student wellbeing across the whole institution. Unlike the status quo, Student Life is a single source of truth connecting accommodation, academic and central student support teams.

Conference and Event Management

event management software

From the initial enquiry through to final invoice, our conference and event management software will manage each step of the journey. Wow prospects with branded proposals and a smooth registration process – all in one place and fully integrated with other systems.




If you have an internal catering team, this is the perfect solution to decrease their workload and increase productivity by providing them with one tool that can manage all internal food orders. Quicker turnaround times, easier management and no more rumbling tummies!

Commercial Room Management

Residential bedroom management

Selling your bedrooms for private use during summer or even all year-round leads to an incredible opportunity to generate additional revenue! Our software will provide easy management, advertisement, room allocation, and check-in and out processes – all in one location.

How has Kinetic helped other universities?


Kinetic enables Royal Holloway to manage an accommodation portfolio of over 3,400 bedrooms effectively, for both student term-time lets and many thousands of short-term vacation lets from conference guests, residential groups and language schools.


With the help of Kinetic, the University of Kent manage more than 5,500 bedrooms for both students and conference guests. With banqueting for up to 1,200 people and up to 200 meeting and seminar rooms, Kinetic allows them to manage any booking from the initial enquiry, to proposal stage and invoicing, through to event delivery.