Catering Management

Achieving catering management success


As part of the catering team, you're likely familiar with both internal delivery catering requests and managing corporate event catering too. This requires a high level of organisation and for a clear planning process to be in place.

Your team will tirelessly be trying to achieve high customer satisfaction, while strategically making the highest profit margins possible for quality foods. Minimal food waste will also be a priority. Cross-team communication is one of the key factors that will result in a smooth event and catering operation.

Catering management

Are you battling with these challenges?

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Recording dietary requirements

Food allergies and intolerances can be life-threatening, and therefore the importance of being able to record dietary requirements is at an all-time high but you don't have a simple way to collate this information. 

Produce management

Produce management

Common in most food orientated roles, there is a lot of pressure on stock management and the efficient use of foods, ensuring the least amount of produce is wasted.

Co-ordinating catering

Co-ordinating catering correctly

Understanding which food deliveries are for what meeting locations, and at what times can be problematic; especially for larger institutions who have very busy catering operations. 

Operational reporting

When catering for events, you must constantly seek ways to develop your service. Without accurate reporting, it's tough to identify pain points, key trends or patterns and specific areas for improvement.

Catering problems

Catering request clashes

This is a common problem within the industry. Catering requests get booked in but there are not actually enough resources available to fulfill all of them; from chefs to delivery, or even produce needed.

time consuming

Time consuming admin

Logging every catering enquiry, taking all of the clients required details, manually booking the room, and making any future amendments can be very time intensive.

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Don't worry, we are here to help! Explore our catering management solutions.

Discover our catering management solutions

Solve your catering management problems with our pioneering software. Manage both internal and external catering bookings in the back-office, whilst offering your customers a stunning front-end application to place and amend orders. The orders will automatically feed into the system, reducing admin time and data entry mistakes. Additionally, it has fantastic reporting capabilities and many features that will help your team become even more efficient. 

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