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An effective event registration tool where your customers can book their event tickets and pay online will enhance their experience whilst removing the need for spreadsheets, paper forms or manually entering information.

Capturing this information online will also enable you to access powerful back-office reporting tools and identify trends and patterns on who’s booking which type of event. 

Event registration software

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Event registration software to make life easier

Student Applications

A speedy process 

Ensure the registration page is fully branded and customise the fields to ensure the process is easy to follow for the target audience. 


Get to know your delegates

Capture all the relevant information about those attending the event and understand who they are before they arrive by customising the fields per event. 

student lookup for multiple parcels

Happy customers

Add conditional logic and promotion codes to make the registration journey a simple and unique experience for the customer.

financial reporting

Flexible payment options 

Give your delegates the choice on how they’d like to pay, whether this be online via credit card through an interface using your preferred payment provider or a direct invoice.

Be responsive 

Have your registration process responsive on all both tablet and desktop devices, and offer a unique URL for each event 

reporting chart

Improve your event reporting 

By analysing booking activities, resource levels, financial information and much more, you can identify trends and pattern that will help improve future events.  

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Remove the need of having to manually enter registrations into a spreadsheet and have attendee information feed directly into our event management tool. 

Use the portal to promote partner packages, special events, event planning services or any other add-on and watch your revenue flourish. 

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John Nussear

Director of Housing, Conference Services | Georgia Institute of Technology


We have primarily been using KxRegistration to support GT-sponsored conferences and events. The Tech campus is like a small city. KxReg has allowed us to expand our services to more of the Georgia Tech community, as well as network and create professional contacts that we may otherwise have never encountered.

Maximise your attendee list with our conference registration software!

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Student enquiries

Tracking enquiries will enable you to obtain intel and understand the type of business you receive. By recording this information, you can identify which ones to take through to booking and which to turn down.



check in

Your prospect needs to be ‘WOWED!’ The initial proposal is your first opportunity to showcase your offering in the best light. By creating a high-converting sales proposal, you can truly revolutionise your pipeline. 




Giving your customers the option to view event details and schedules online, and then make an enquiry or request, will not only save your team time but also improve the customer's experience. 



Computer screen

Offer your customers an engaging and simple registration process where they can pay online for the event, while you use this attendee information for powerful reporting and create user-friendly dashboards. 




Once your guest arrives at the event, you’ll want to ensure they experience a speedy and efficient check-in process. The quickest way to achieve a process like this is by using a tablet device. 


Managing data


With hundreds and thousands of contact details in your system, it’s vital that you protect this information and manage it correctly to ensure you’re being compliant with GDPR.