Event Data Management

Protect and manage your data efficiently


When organising an event, there's a lot of customer data you collect. From the basic details such as name and contact number to more sensitive data such as dietary requirements and religious beliefs; it’s important you protect this information to ensure you're GDPR compliant. This is where our data management platform can really help you.

Additionally, the amount of data you collate from your events can build up within your event management system. To condense all this information and to free up space, our event data management tool can also archive data. 

event data management

Stay organised and compliant with our data management platform

protected data


Hide sensitive data while maintaining financial information to prevent records being anonymised of contacts that still have open charges, invoices or bookings. 

Managing change requests from one system

GDPR compliant software 

Ensures great data governance from quality and integrity to usability and high-level security, while being GDPR compliant.  

data management

Data retention 

Retaining data longer than necessary can take up space in your system so setting your own retention policy allows you to take control of your data.  

data management system

Data cleansing

Schedule data cleansing routines to occur outside business hours so you’re not affecting the operational team. 

Take your business to the next level with our data management platform


Easily back-up and safeguard your data without having to contact the IT support desk.

Spend less time manually anonymising and archiving data as you can do this in bulk.

Know that you can comply with data legislation laws without having to completely delete individuals records, causing loss of financial data. Instead, with our software, you can anonymise data entirely protecting individual's identities, but retaining data for accurate financial reporting. 

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Explore our event management solutions for each stage of the journey



Student enquiries

Tracking enquiries will enable you to obtain intel and understand the type of business you receive. By recording this information, you can identify which ones to take through to booking and which to turn down.



check in

Your prospect needs to be ‘WOWED!’ The initial proposal is your first opportunity to showcase your offering in the best light. By creating a high-converting sales proposal, you can truly revolutionise your pipeline. 




Giving your customers the option to view event details and schedules online, and then make an enquiry or request, will not only save your team time but also improve the customer's experience. 



Computer screen

Offer your customers an engaging and simple registration process where they can pay online for the event, while you use this attendee information for powerful reporting and create user-friendly dashboards. 




Once your guest arrives at the event, you’ll want to ensure they experience a speedy and efficient check-in process. The quickest way to achieve a process like this is by using a tablet device. 


Managing data


With hundreds and thousands of contact details in your system, it’s vital that you protect this information and manage it correctly to ensure you’re being compliant with GDPR.