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Tracking and analysing the types of enquiries you receive means you can identify key trends within your business. It will allow you to understand the different kinds of events, the types of prospects interested in your service and may highlight areas that you’re not currently capitalising on. 

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Gathering enquiry insight via our event software

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Recover lost opportunities

Unless you're very fortunate to have never had a customer cancel, tracking enquiries can help you recover revenue from lost business. You can use the enquiry management tool to identify the turn down(s) that exist for the dates and spaces left vacant by the cancellation.

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Choosing the right business

Most venues will have a mix of customers who range from easy to difficult and whose revenues range from low to high. You may be more inclined to chase one enquiry over another if it fits into the schedule better or provides higher value to your organisation.


Retain existing customers

When enquiries are used to capture rebooking requests, it's easier to identify which customers have requested to rebook and which customers have not. For those who have not, it could be an early alert to you that something may be amiss with the customer. 

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Better understand your audience

Managing and tracking enquiries enables you to learn about your market and the type of people who are interested in your venue. What industry do they work in? What room or facilities are they interested in and why? How did they hear about your organisation?

Reduce student queues

Influence change and ask why

When you track enquiries, you should also be tracking the estimated value of the business, when lost and the reason why it was lost. By understanding the why, you can segment the responses into two - reasons for which a solution may exist and reasons why no solution exists. 

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Thinking ahead of the game

By recording the date of an enquiry or request, along with its potential value, you also have a way to manage the potential sales when it comes to following up on the enquiries later. This will also save you time in having to ask the question again. 

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Capturing the detais of an enquiry as soon as it comes in means you won’t have to ask or repeat questions later down the line.  

Learn more about the people interested in your venue and improve your marketing strategy to be more targeted to your audience. 

Specific details held against each enquiry for ease of reference and for future bookings means you can deliver the best possible customer service. 

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John Nussear

Director, Conference Services | Georgia Institute of Technology

Kx is a difference-maker as it keeps us centralized. It allows myself, each conference coordinator, student manager and conference assistant the ability to view all pertinent aspects of a program in one location. It streamlines information, which makes our operation more efficient.

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Student enquiries

Tracking enquiries will enable you to obtain intel and understand the type of business you receive. By recording this information, you can identify which ones to take through to booking and which to turn down.



check in

Your prospect needs to be ‘WOWED!’ The initial proposal is your first opportunity to showcase your offering in the best light. By creating a high-converting sales proposal, you can truly revolutionise your pipeline. 




Giving your customers the option to view event details and schedules online, and then make an enquiry or request, will not only save your team time but also improve the customer's experience. 



Computer screen

Offer your customers an engaging and simple registration process where they can pay online for the event, while you use this attendee information for powerful reporting and create user-friendly dashboards. 




Once your guest arrives at the event, you’ll want to ensure they experience a speedy and efficient check-in process. The quickest way to achieve a process like this is by using a tablet device. 


Managing data


With hundreds and thousands of contact details in your system, it’s vital that you protect this information and manage it correctly to ensure you’re being compliant with GDPR.