A seamless and streamlined solution for Online Travel Agent (OTA) bookings.

Available as a plugin for KxResidential, Bedbooker enables you to manage rates and availability for the bedroom stock you sell through online travel agents and monitor booking activity as reservations transfer to KxResidential.

Highest Kinetic customer income from OTA's bookings
Highest bookings from a single Kinetic customer
Average BedBooker income across Kinetic clients
Average number of bookings across BedBooker clients
OTA Booking Software

Automated Processes

Reservations and cancellations are automatically processed into KxResidential, eliminating the need to manually enter details of every booking. 

OTA Booking Software

Global Audience

With built-in support for over 85 global channels, there is no limit in the number of places where you can sell your bedroom stock online. 

OTA Booking Software

Meet Demand

Flex rates according to demand to quickly and easily respond to your market and drive an increase in the average booking value. 

OTA Booking Software

Maximise Revenue

Publish your latest rates and availability to all connected OTA's in minutes, so you can offer more choice and respond to market demand. 

OTA Booking Software

Less Data Entry

Removing manual data entry reduces the risk of error or duplicated administration time which will improve the data accuracy.

OTA Booking Software

Analysis & Reports

Configurable enquiry sources allow you to report on and analyse trends in your online channel sales, meaning improved forecasting.


"Since we introduced BedBooker in addition to KxResidential, our sales have increased by 32% in 2017 and 95% in 2018."


- Simon Barlow, Marketing Manager, Queen Mary University of London

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