Kx User Conference 2020

We're looking for a venue to host the User Conference 2020! If you're interested then continue reading below...

Kinetic Team

Kinetic Who?

Kinetic was founded in 1998 with one aim: to develop the most innovative software to help university accommodation and conferencing teams deliver the best student and customer experiences possible. 

 Fast forward 20 years, and we are now the technology partner of choice to the worlds’ leading universities and colleges. We supply mission-critical software to over 350 customers in higher education, from UC Berkeley on the west coast of the US to Monash in Australia… Not to mention over 80% of universities in the UK. 

 We are based in Milton Keynes, with an office in Boston, USA and Sydney, Australia. 

Event Summary

Our customers are at the heart of what we do! We aim to provide the most innovative software to help student accommodation and conferencing teams deliver the best customer experience. With this in mind, the event is not only about improving Kx knowledge, but is also about sharing insight and best practices, and of course networking opportunitiesThe event should motivate, inspire and continue to create a network of like-minded individuals within their respective industries.  

The Kx User Conference is about listening (to industry leaders, our customers and Kinetic representatives) and being heard. We want to encourage all attendees to share their experiences and work together on ways we can improve the services we provide to our many industries. 

The target audience for this event are student accommodation and conferencing professionalsThe Kx User Conference attracts a huge range of attendees, from system users to Directors and is also accessible to the many partners of Kinetic. 

The Kx annual conference is our flagship event and it’s important that we not only develop our brand and reputation as one of the industry leaders, but also the relationships with our customers. This event is an opportunity for our clients to not only meet with us but also with like-minded individuals within the higher education sector and discuss challenges, best practices and insights.

Event Requirements

On Day 1 we will hold a training day whereby we need access to 6x breakout rooms 

  • 1x with capacity for 200x people 
  • 1x with capacity for 100x people 
  • 1x with capacity for 50x people  
  • 1x syndicate room 
  • The remaining with at least 30x.
  • We will be hosting a drinks reception and casual buffet dinner on day 1.

On Day 2 we will hold educational sessions and will require 3x breakout rooms and a syndicate room. 

  • 2x with capacity for 100x people 
  • 1x with capacity for 50x people 
  • 1x syndicate room 
  • We will be hosting a black-tie gala dinner on day 2. 

Day 1

Breakout rooms: 

  • 1x theatre style: 200x
  • 1x theatre style: 100x
  • 2x theatre style: 50x
  • 2x theatre style: 30x
  • 1x syndicate room


  • Morning coffee: 200x
  • Lunch: 200x
  • Informal drinks reception & dinner: 220x

24-hour rates: 210x

Day delegates: 20x

Day 2

Breakout rooms: 

  • 2x theatre style: 100x
  • 1x theatre style: 50x
  • 1x syndicate room



  • Morning coffee: 200x
  • Lunch: 200x
  • Drinks reception & gala dinner: 250x

24-hour rates: 200x

Day delegates: 15x

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