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All-inclusive Pricing for events and conferences:

Cruises do it, so do resorts. The all-inclusive model has definite advantages when it comes to managing an event or conference, but also carries some inherent risk. As a marketing tool it can be a way to make your venue more attractive to outside planners and bring in business you may have lost out on…

Attrition clauses in your event and conference contracts

One of the difficult aspects of setting up an event and conference contract is the attrition clause. The attrition clause protects the venue from lost revenue by requiring a certain amount of reserved space to be guaranteed by the planner or the group making the booking. Because it is impossible to predict an exact number…

How important are your event & conference inquiries?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to event & conference booking. Some organizations forego the inquiry stage, choosing to wait until the booking has reached the tentative stage before entering any information into Kx. The reasons are varied, from not wanting to clutter up the database to having enough business that inquiries…

Finding and protecting value in conference services

There are a number of ways revenue is lost or routed to the wrong department for an event or conference. In some cases, a college or university will not charge for any internal usage of their facilities, or the president of the university gets special dispensation for his or her family, friends or business associates.…

Guest Blogger: Mandy Volpe on Using Pinterest to Promote Events and Conferences

Georgia Tech’s Mandy Volpe joins us once again to blog on the benefits of social media. In her last post she touched briefly on newcomer Pinintest. In this week’s post, Mandy goes into much more detail on how to take advantage of Pinterest’s gaining popularity as a way to promote your events and conferences through…

Social Media for Internal Promotion and Communication

We’re going to continue with the theme of social media and piggyback on Mandy Volpe’s great guest blog by talking about using social media tools internally. The most obvious use, and one that relates directly to the subject of promotion covered in Mandy’s blog, is the use of social media to promote internal events. Whether…

Guest Blogger: Georgia Tech’s Mandy Volpe on Social Media, Part 2

Part two of the social media blog from guest blogger Mandy Volpe, Marketing Manager for Georgia Tech’s department of Housing and Conference services.

Guest Blogger: Georgia Tech’s Mandy Volpe on Social Media, Part 1

Kinetic Software would like to welcome Mandy Volpe, Marketing Manager for Georgia Tech’s department of Housing and Conference services as a guest blogger today. Mandy is dropping by for a two-part series on social media, but before she gets started, a little background on her role at GA Tech.

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