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Improve your student parcel management with our efficient solution


Our parcel management software is perfect for managing increasing parcel volumes for university students.

As you're super busy with couriers delivering new parcels and a constant flow of students coming to collect them, you need a simple but clever system to help you manage the process efficiently. Our solution can help do just this.


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Solve the challenges of parcel management

Parcel management

Keep track of parcels with a full audit trail

Digitally record all parcel deliveries, creating a full audit trail with our simple-to-use software. You can assign deliveries to students and quickly select options such as size, type of parcel and location stored to help individuals quickly locate the parcel upon collection.

parcel management software

Utilise your current storage more efficiently

With quick automated student communication, students can pick up their parcels faster than usual. Consequently, this means you will have more space to store new deliveries that arrive and reduce the need to extend your current facilities.

student lookup for multiple parcels

Manage repeat deliveries

Manage multiple deliveries for the same person easily by only entering the recipient's details once, saving you time and effort in having to repeatedly enter details of those who've received multiple items in a delivery. 

Reduce time on tasks

Reduce time spent on parcel management

Many of you are still using a paper system to manage your deliveries. This is very time-consuming; from repeatedly filling in paper slips, to hand-delivering them to student rooms. A lot of time could be saved by using our solution as parcels can be logged in seconds and students are notified by the system automatically.

parcel management system

Spur quick pick-up's with automated emails

Once a parcel has been logged into the parcel management system, a ticket number will be generated and an automatic email will be sent to the student to let them know their parcel has arrived. You can also send reminder emails with ease.

reporting chart

Pull insightful parcel management reports

Our software gives you the ability to pull many different types of reports including the number of items being handled, storage demand and items awaiting collection. Dashboards can also be created for quick insights and spotting trends.

Take your business to the next level! 


Online shopping options such as same day and next day delivery mean students expect to get parcels super quickly. If you're running a paper system you won't be able to keep up with these demands and students will become frustrated. Our system, with its real-time emails, means students will know as soon as their parcel arrives, keeping them happy.

Due to the efficiency that our system brings to the parcel management process, you will be able to reduce your operational costs for managing parcels, and invest them in other areas.

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