Student Room Inspection Software

Our inspection software can help you complete a room audit in minutes


It's time to catch up with today's world and allow technology to help you become efficient. Our student room inspection software facilitates you to complete room inspections via an android device and then pushes that information directly to your student records back-office. Staff will no longer waste time duplicating tasks or inputting data once they are back at their desks.

Improve your room inventory management by using our software to log and assign damages, take photos as evidence, get students to digitally sign inspection reports and more.


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Solve the challenges a student room audit brings with Kinetic

Inspection software

Complete inspections quickly

Complete student inspections on the go for both communal areas and individual bedrooms via our app. Each room will have a pre-configured inventory list, making it quick and easy for your team to report the conditions of each individual item.

Upload photo evidence

Take photographic evidence

Our inspection software allows you to take photos of the damaged items you are reporting so that you have evidence, should anyone object your claim. This is made even simpler as our software works on mobile and tablet devices so you can take photos directly within the app or upload them from your photo library.  

Electronic inspections

Go completely paperless

Pen and paper will no longer be needed for your room audits as everything can be accessed and recorded on an android device. Additionally, this syncs directly to your student record back-office, giving you one less task to do.


Get students to sign off reports on-site

If students are present when the inspection takes place, you can ask them to digitally sign your completed room audit. By getting them to do this, your accommodation team will be in a stronger position should anyone dispute a claim. Plus, it's an ideal practice for auditing purposes.

Record room audit damages

Log and assign damages to students

Easily log damages and assign cleaning or replacement charges to the students responsible. Our system also gives you the option to split the cost amongst multiple students if the damages occurred within a communal area.

automate communication

Automate communication

Once the inspection has been completed, our system sends automated communication to the associated students letting them know if they passed the inspection or not. The full list of items with their condition status and damage details and any charges to the student will be stated. This saves hours of admin work post-inspection.

Take your business to the next level! 


From completing room inspections on the go to removing the frustrations of duplicating workload, our student inspection software can help you improve productivity in many ways. 

Control your sign-off process with flexible administration of pending and completed statuses.

You can pull a variety of reports from our software, including how many damages have been reported, how many claims have been disputed and what students have outstanding charges to still pay. This information can assist you in spotting trends and help you to make the best decisions for your team's progress going forward.

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