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Utilising the expertise of online travel agents (OTA's) is an extremely fortuitous way to promote your venue and fill unoccupied bedrooms with guests that would traditionally not book with you directly.  

Our channel management software feeds the bookings received via OTA's directly to our back-office booking management tool. This removes the labour-intensive process of adding bookings to the system manually.  

OTA management

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OTA Management - real time rates

Real-time availability and rates 

Our channel management for hotels tool will push vacant room stock to the OTA's in real-time, along with your latest rates; enabling you to offer more choice and respond to market demand.  

increase sales

Increase your

Customers like to double-check they’re getting the best deal! Research shows that venues using OTAs naturally experience a rise in their own website traffic and get increased bookings. 

transferring data

Automated data transfer 

Once the booking is submitted in the OTA, it is automatically pushed through to the Kinetic back-office system where you manage your reservations, removing the need for manual intervention.  


Generate more revenue 

When a booking is canceled, the room is immediately released for redistribution, meaning there is no chance of missing a sale. You can also meet market demand by quickly adjusting rates. 

Channel management software to increase reach

Explore new markets and expand your reach

Our partnership with SmartHotel will provide you with a wide range of the available OTA's to advertise your bedroom stock on, meaning you can reach a brand-new global audience.  

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Identify key

The configurable enquiry source allows you to report on and analyse trends and patterns in online channel sales, allowing you to better understand your audience and their buying behaviour.  

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This OTA management tool pushes bookings through to the back-office system 24/7 with no human intervention required, meaning your organisation can continue making money beyond office hours. 

Admin users with the authentic permissions can alert and review room demand, dates and rates remotely and don’t have to be on-site to access the system. 

If you are new to the transient B&B sector, trialing with a couple of OTAs is a low-risk way of testing the market to see what revenue you can achieve without having to invest in SEO or additional marketing.  

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Noreen O’Malley 

General Manager, Conference and Events | Limerick University


As a venue servicing 25,000 bed-nights through online travel agents, we process in excess of 7,500 individual guest reservations in a period of 12 weeks. Prior to the installation of BedBooker these reservations were processed manually on to KxResidential. The introduction of BedBooker has greatly increased efficiency and displays real-time information to the front of house staff. As well as contributing to saving in labour, we now have greater control over our bed stock and room sales which is invaluable and allowing us to grow our business further.

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Our software provides you with the ability to advertise your vacant rooms via your own website as well as via OTAs. This will really help to expand your reach and gain new business.


Room Booking Management 

transferring data

Treat your venue like a hotel with our room booking management software. Capture guest details, take payments and automatically amend your available room count in real-time. 


Online Travel Agent Management

improve efficiency

Push out real-time availability and dictate what rates you want rooms advertised at. You will also receive booking details directly into the back-office, removing duplication errors.


Guest Management


Manage the entire journey of the guest's stay, from the moment they check-in to check-out and ensure they have a positive, smooth and enjoyable experience with you.


Customer Data Management 

Channel management software to increase reach

When using your accommodation for non-students, you'll be dealing with guests' personal information. It is important to protect this information and abide by GDPR regulation.