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The Kx Options: The Classroom Interface

Are you allowed to schedule classrooms for events? How do you request use of those classrooms? Whether you have to wait until the academic schedule is completed, or are booking simultaneously with the Registrar, Kinetic has a classroom scheduling interface that automatically updates the information you need on availability of…

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The EPos Card Kx Option

The ePoS – Electronic Point of Sale – interface dynamically transfers charges to a client’s account during their stay. When a guest uses your POS system to take advantage of the amenities you offer; bars, restaurants, non-inclusive activities, shopping, the EPoS interface funnels the charges back through the Kx system…

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Room key effeciency with Kinetic’s Key Card option

One of the optional Kx interfaces that does not get enough attention is the Key Card interface. This simple option matches a room allocation in KxResidential to the associated guest and initiates the cards for the door locks at check-in. By providing real-time management of key allocation, check-in during peak…

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Streamline your financial process and improve accounting accuracy

All good organizations continuously search for new methods to streamline operations. Kinetic Software has designed a number of application resources that work in conjunction with our products to do just that. One of those products, KxFinancial, was conceived to make the financial reporting process in a Kx environment as efficient…

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5 Kx related items to consider before you get too busy

It is never too early to begin preparation for your busiest time of year. Whether you are managing conferences and events, student residence housing or the summer retreat and camp season, activities include bringing on new staff, getting the facilities ready and gathering new ideas to help your organization run…

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The New KxCalendar is Here!

Introducing the newest version of KxCalendar!

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